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Car outdoor folding bucket self-drive folding kettle 5.5L camping car storage tank
Car outdoor folding bucket self-drive folding kettle 5.5L camping car storage tank Car outdoor folding bucket self-drive folding kettle 5.5L camping car storage tank Car outdoor folding bucket self-drive folding kettle 5.5L camping car storage tank
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  • Updated: 2019-03-12 09:52
  • About Product:The product price is subject to the actual quotation due to the large fluctuation of raw materials, and the online labeling is only for the needs of the website. We welcome customers to contact us on QQ 2683408260 or 13906894291
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 The product is mixed in color and packed in OPP bag.

Capacity: 5.5 L

Packing quantity: 24 PCS

Blending: 3 colors,

Size: 63 * 46 * 46

Weight: around 430

Capacity: 7.5l

Weight: around 530

Packing quantity: 24 PCS

Size: 70.5 * 49 * 48

Gross weight: 14 KGS

Net weight: 13 KGS


     The multi-purpose stretchable folding bucket is made of high quality food grade PP material, with excellent heat resistance, anti-oxidative aging performance, cold resistance, non-toxic, tasteless, not friable, rustless and light. Acid, alkali, salt, oil chemicals, repeated folding and stretching. The product is high class and beautiful in appearance, fine in workmanship, transparent in body and ingenious in color collocation. In car outdoors recreational, household is used in, no matter be placed in where can all show its are on tall outstanding characteristic.

     This product not only has ordinary functions such as water storage in daily life and adjustment of the size of water outlet by switching faucet, but also has the folding and stretching function that ordinary bucket does not have. Through ingenious design, when idle, the bucket can be stored in the base, which is an expert in saving space in the bucket. At the same time, the product is also equipped with a bucket handle, and the opening design of the bucket has been considered for recycling cleaning use.

     Your choice will bring great convenience to your life!


Product features:

 [product features]

1. Compact products and small storage space. When idle, the barrel body can be folded and stored in the seat stomach.

2. The product has its own faucet, which can be used as water dispenser at home and abroad.

3. The product is equipped with a hand and can be used as water storage equipment for outdoor leisure, which is convenient to carry.

4. The product is equipped with a four-corner base, and the folding expansion bucket can be placed on the base to facilitate water access.

5. Environmentally friendly food grade material, water storage, beverage, etc. To use it, just click on the tap.

6. The opening of the bucket is designed to be large, which can be put into the bucket after cleaning.



1. Unscrew the cover, put one hand into the bottom of the folding and expansion bucket, stretch the edge of the mouth with the other hand, and put the required liquid into the cover.
2. When receiving, press the lid directly and press downward.

[matters needing attention]

1. Please do not overload the product (over 6kg) to avoid deformation;
2. Keep away from open fire;
3. Please do not store sharp metal articles in this product.



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