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Manufacturer direct shot hot melt stick thin adhesive strips with high viscosity, safe and environmental protection, non - flow adhesive 0.7 cm * 20 cm can be customized 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2018-10-12 10:59
  • About Product:Been imports: no brand: LIHE packaging specifications: the bulk adhesive material type: leather and other materials, rubber, plastic, wood, medical, paper and electronic color: The classification of the translucent color resin adhesive, epoxy resin adhesive type hot melt adhesive: packaging hot melt adhesive effective substance p: 70 (%) products: party B product thickness: 0.8 mm working temperature type: high temperature working temperature: 26 (℃) standards: A viscosity: 1000 curing way: hot melt shelf life: 24 and -validity: 24 origin: zhejiang function: Hot melt adhesive, easy to use security environmental protection scope of USES: mainly
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Yiwu Jusheng Adhesive Co., Ltd.
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Product name: hot melt adhesive strip, all transparent hot melt adhesive, arts and crafts hot melt adhesive, long hair toy special       With the hot melt adhesive

Properties: the product is translucent with stickiness (strong type), non-toxic, easy to operate, continuous use without carbonization has the features of rapid bonding, high strength, aging resistance, non-toxic, good thermal stability, and toughness of the film. There are bars and granules in shape.
Main ingredients: based on ethylene/vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main material, adding tackifier and other ingredients with type of solid adhesive softening point: 75 ℃ & plusmn; 5 ℃
Melt viscosity: 5300cps 
Use temperature: 160 ℃ & ndash; 180 ℃
Curing time: 8— 10 seconds
Scope of application: apply to plastics, metals, wood, paper, toys, electronics, furniture, leather, handicrafts, shoes materials, coating, ceramics, lampshade, pearl cotton, food packaging, speakers and other adhesives
Usage: use by hot melt glue gun and hot melt glue machine
   Insert the glue stick into the gun body from the back end of the gun, then plug the gun into the power, and then heat through the hot plate inside the gun body for a minute or two, then pull the gun button to fill the colloid forward and melt, and then the hot melt glue will start to stick or fill.
Matters needing attention:
   Of glue adhesive place to ensure no water clean oil, hot melt adhesive solution of this adhesive is give priority to in order to fill the adhesive effect, corrosion behavior of 502 super glue properties or not will not burn out by adhesive material, used in the appropriate place to play to the best effect, the glue guns don't will not run out after use glue stick out and keep continue to electricity use next time.

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