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The new paper watch is the same as the new Korean LED paper watch 中文版| Report Item
The new paper watch is the same as the new Korean LED paper watch The new paper watch is the same as the new Korean LED paper watch The new paper watch is the same as the new Korean LED paper watch
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  • Updated: 2018-09-19 21:13
EXW Price:
Above 1000pcs   ¥ 5.30 /pc
100pcs ~999pcs   ¥ 5.60 /pc
2pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 5.80 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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We do wholesale, looking for long-term customers. If there is any quality problem with the product, please inform us about how to deal with it.

1. As it is wholesale, it is impossible for every product to be inspected, and more or less defective products are in it

    Or above, please return to us, the postage is borne by the seller.

2. If the customer receives the goods with less than 5 items, they can return the goods, but the postage shall be borne by the buyer. Cannot accept the above solution to buy


      Home, please do not place an order, lest both sides cooperate unhappily.

3. Especially for customers in remote areas, the postage is expensive, and the postage of products may exceed the value of the product itself. If you cannot accept the above, please


      Please do not place orders. When you choose high-quality suppliers, we are also choosing potential high-quality customers who are willing to long-term cooperation.

4. If you place an order, you are willing to accept the above treatment methods. I wish you a happy shopping and prosperous business!!! 


The price is the price of the single watch OPP plastic bag package, excluding the box. If the box is needed, the box needs to be remade.


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Taking a picture of the product means that you have agreed to the following terms by default!

1. Please try your best to put forward questions or doubts about the goods before purchasing them. We will patiently answer them for you one by one.

2. Within 7 days after receiving the goods (subject to the date of waybill signing), please contact us in time if any product with functional failure or quality problem is found; Do not accept beyond the time limit, once the case of false report is verified will not be accepted.

3. Our joint sales platform, all goods fluidity big, so do not rule out the possibility of temporarily out of stock, if there is a similar situation, when buyers consulting products, we will give more details to the buyer, the buyer has taken one thousand products, we will provide a reference for buyers in three ways: 1: according to the buyer request exchange commodity; 2. Extend the transaction time according to the buyer's requirements and wait for delivery; 3: full refund.

4. We will try our best to meet the customer's specification of product color or style, but not necessarily 100%. If the color and style do not meet, we will not return or replace the goods (the customer can indicate that the goods can not be allocated as required to deal with the shortage).

5. All products sold in this store are carefully selected by the shop owner, and they are delivered after strict inspection. If there is any accident, please contact the shop owner in time. We will solve the problems encountered by the buyer in a timely manner. Please do not give comments or negative comments at random without communication.

6. Dissatisfaction, different in imagination as the reason, there is no quality problem in reality and will not be accepted. Thank you for your cooperation !



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