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Fashion trend personality dial quartz couple belt love tower students men and women watch wholesale 中文版|
Fashion trend personality dial quartz couple belt love tower students men and women watch wholesale Fashion trend personality dial quartz couple belt love tower students men and women watch wholesale
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  • Updated: 2019-04-09 20:16
  • Suggested retail price: $50.00 brand: whether other import: no printing LOGO: can be customized processing: is a special function: the world time applicable people: general style: whether leisure patent sources: no waterproof: no movement types: quartz movement brand: other mirror material: common glass mirror strap material: resin dial shape: round watchcase material: alloy origin (domestic) : guangdong item no: 001 color: as shown in figure category: strap, watchcase, dial, whose hands, insert watch, pocket watch, movement and other product categories: watches for gift-giving occasions: birthday
EXW Price:
1pcs ~9pcs   ¥ 5.50 /pc
10pcs ~189000pcs   ¥ 5.30 /pc
Above 189001pcs   ¥ 3.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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------ parameters are measured by hand, for reference only ----


[product code] 60751
Estimated weight: 28 grams
【 origin 】 : mainland;
【 movement 】 : quartz movement;
【 function 】 : clock, life waterproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic;
[watchband material] : PU leather;
【 table mirror material 】 : mineral glass;
[specification] : male model dial diameter 4 cm, thickness 0.7 cm; The strap is 2 cm wide and weighs about 12 grams.



[water] :Life waterproof level, avoid direct contact with water, water drops by the time you wipe it as soon as possible


Dry, avoid washing the water column, strong force of the tap water, canopy head high water pressure direct impact watch,

Shower, swimming, strenuous exercise is not suitable for wearing!



[note] battery no power or insufficient power is not a quality problem, please replace the battery by yourself; Life waterproof is to point to prevent splash, not bath or soak, to stay away from hot water and steam; Strap length according to the largest diameter design production, the general wrist diameter is suitable!






 (transparent PP bag, if you need table box, please go to the table box area to buy)






[note] the specifications are roughly measured by hand, which are not fine and may have errors. They are only used for general reference when purchasing. Battery no power or power shortage is not a quality problem, please replace the battery by yourself; Life waterproof is to point to prevent splash, not bath or soak, to stay away from hot water and steam; The strap length is designed and produced according to the maximum hand diameter. Generally, the wrist diameter is suitable for you to cut the strap.


Standard 】 【 good products: about 2 mm (the size of a grain of rice) and not dial glass surface defects within the scope of not more than two, after clap figure shows no apparent Nick, crystal and other decorative veneer asymmetric or fall off, are not defective, belongs to the normal goods (general warehouse at the time of shipment will be inspected carefully to avoid defects, please rest assured);



Here is wholesale, not retail, wholesale rules have to look yo

If you can't accept our service rules, please don't take photos. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Minimum amount:

Can be mixed batch (that is, each style can be a), add up the total amount of the order needs to be full200Yuan or more, or the number of watches20Above is the wholesale supplementary order only5A; This shop belongs to the wholesale price, asks the retailer not to covet the cheap to purchase, when is lower than the batch limit amount, we decline to deliver goods!

Excluding freight, the total amount is less than200Orders for yuan are samples, and if samples are needed, we accept them first, except at wholesale prices20A sample fee of RMB yuan per piece, less than one month200The order of yuan can be deducted from the sample fee after the total order amount; In case of accidents (damage, quality problems, defects, etc.), the buyer shall bear the freight incurred by replacement.


Methods of handling goods receipt, transportation damage, product quality and product defects:

After the Courier delivers the goods, please be sure to open the box and inspect the goods in front of the Courier if you find any damage or abnormality in the outer package. If you find any problem, please contact us immediately and listen to our arrangement before receiving the goods. The phone number can be found on the express bill or our company's contact number13902276320.

After receipt,If you find any damage in transportation, product quality or product defects, please \"accumulate replacement\". We cannot return or replace the products due to problems in two or three hands.

First wholesale,5Please accumulate the contents until the next replacement. Many times wholesale, please accumulate10Only the above replacement, you send back the freight we bear (note: limited to ordinary express, freight calculated according to the first weight of freight we collect, in your new order minus, Hong Kong, Macao and overseas after-sales freight to pay by themselves); (3) the next wholesale is still insufficient in quantity, can also be in the next order when replacement, the last time to the next replacement time not more than a month; Do not want to wait for the next time when the replacement, you bear the freight back and forth; (4) if the watch is damaged, used, cut off the watchband can not be replaced, we only provide maintenance services, freight and the cost of replacement parts you bear; 5) some can solve their own problems, such as changing the battery, watch strap, watch buckle too tight, crystal and other decorations fall off, watch pin fall off, the surface has dust and so on, can find us to help solve, I can not refuse by myself can also be sent back for replacement, freight you bear; 6 if the buyer to \"damage, poor quality, defective\" for full return and exchange of goods and unable to provide an objective picture to confirm, then the freight is entirely borne by the buyer, at the same time the buyer to bear the cost of replacement (according to the total amount of the order)15%Percentage charge); 7 an order we only bear a freight after sale, please reasonable use of after-sale resources, save each other.


Wholesale profit is thin, please do not take taobao to buy things after sales processing requirements we, you wholesale20Only watch, we may only earn you10Yuan money, and you buy a watch on taobao, merchants earn you may not only10Yuan. Objectively speaking, no matter which merchant wholesales you, because the shipment quantity is big and the inevitable occurrence quality, the flaw question possibility, accumulatively changes goods is the wholesale characteristic, does not want to accumulate changes goods, please consider whether to accept the freight self-account after-sale rule to place the order again.


Product rules, attribute description, product packaging, qualification certificate or specification, etc.

Special note: specifications, functions, performance, properties, materials, colors, etc. in the title and description of the product are automatic descriptions of the system, and errors or errors may exist. Therefore, the description and title are for reference only. If a certain content is very important to you, please be sure to ask online customer service, get a positive answer before placing an order; The price of the product displayed on ali does not include packing or watch box, does not include delivery watch box, does not have instruction manual, does not have certificate of conformity, does not include tax, does not have regular purchase invoice, and only comes with simple goodsoppBag packing, computer printed shipping list.


Distribution rules:

By default, if the color cannot be selected, the seller will randomly mix the color to match the delivery. If you need to specify the color, you can indicate our code in the buyer's message (in the title)6What color do you need? For example:123456pink5A; Choose the color requirements will be in accordance with your requirements;If there is a shortage of goods in the order, we will contact you by phone before delivery. If there is a shortage of goods in some payment, if you agree with the replacement method told by the distribution colleague, you can directly confirm by phone, and we will directly replace and deliver the goods after you agree. If you do not accept the suggestion of replacement due to lack of goods from the distribution colleagues, we will write a word of absence on the back of the products that are out of stock on the invoice.,If you are way more, the requirements of the order must be completely consistent, please be sure to buyers comments before submitting order requirements such as: \"please click order uniform distribution, is out of stock, please contact me in time\" and leaves can be directly linked to your way, some buyers order do not match the want want want want to contact, or the consignee's phone number is forwarder, so that we can not directly linked to your delayed shipment.


Inventory problem:

Because the recent shipment is more than three times that of last year, alibaba does not have inventory statistics function at present, and each buyer (order quantity of a single product) will vary from 1 to 1000, plus the door-to-door pick-up of local wholesale customers. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused by the shortage of some orders.


Abort order (cancel order) :

Before we enter the distribution process, you can inform us to cancel the order, we enter the distribution process after you suspend the order, which you need to bear the distribution of labor costs, according to the total order %10%Calculate the minimum charge50Yuan; All according to your requirements to change custom products to suspend orders, according to the contract liability.


Not satisfied with the exchange:

After receiving the goods are not satisfied with the goods, or quality, defects and other unsatisfactory, we shipped10You can apply for a replacement within days. Replacement shall be calculated in proportion to the total order amount10%Within, you pay for the freight, no other charges; The replacement shall be calculated in proportion to the total amount of the order10%The charge50Yuan for labor costs, freight to be borne by oneself; If you need to return the goods, you will have to bear the cost in proportion to the total amount of the order15%Minimum replacement cost80Yuan); Not satisfied with the exchange only refers to2000For small mixed batch orders under yuan, where the order is customized, the quantity of the single payment that needs to be produced exceeds10This service is not available for individual orders, cleared goods, or already declared non-refundable, sample goods, etc.


Poor sales (slow sales):

This service is only for the buyer who takes the goods for many times for a long time. It is a paid service. Orders of customization, production and inventory clearance do not belong to the scope of replacement. After taking the goods twice (including twice), some of the goods are not easy to sell, please contact us within one month after receiving the goods to exchange, the exchange limit is15%(algorithm: if a month accumulative stock is1If ten thousand yuan, you can exchange fifteen yuan. The minimum amount of replacement is required for replacement and replenishment1multiple100Yuan, need replenishment100Yuan, the total amount of new orders200Yuan, deduct the replacement amount from the order100Yuan, if the amount is not enough, labor fee will be charged for replacement. Because fashionable dress watch updates fast, can change the goods inside a month only so recently, the commodity that changes goods cannot serve as return money to use, can change goods only, if want to serve as refund, can press to return meeting goods total amount only70%Proportional refund; The goods must be well packed, unused, undamaged and not affecting the second sale. Exchange freight is borne by the buyer, need to exchange, please first give customer service a replacement application form, stating the commodity number, quantity, amount.


The delivery time:

We usually receive your order for payment48Delivery within hours (Sunday or holiday not included), but if you change the order, add the order requirements, holiday, promotion day, out of stock, etc., the delivery time may be slightly delayed. Custom, production orders, the time agreed by both parties shall prevail.


Mode of transport and freight:

By default, we use the default yto express. If you need to change other express, please consult the customer service in advance and indicate the designated express in the order message. After submitting the order, please contact the customer service to modify the freight.

Respected customers! You just need to place the order, pay for the goods and the freight. Next packaging and delivery of our one-stop service, professional packaging staff, with brand new carton packaging delivery.

The company shipped unified yto express, home delivery, the following is the charge standard!
(note: it is estimated that there are 10-15 steel belt watches per kg, and about 15-25 belt watches per kg will be charged according to the actual delivery, and more will be returned and less will be made up.)

  1. Guangdong province pearl river delta region first weight 8 KG, weight 1 KG. The first weight is 10 yuan KG and the second weight is 2 yuan KG.
  2. Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, hunan, hubei, jiangxi, fujian, guangxi, hainan and other regions first weight 9 KG, followed by 6 KG.
  3. The first weight was 11 KG in Beijing, hebei, henan, shanxi, sichuan, guizhou and yunnan, and the second weight was 8 KG.
  4. The first weight was 18 yuan KG in heilongjiang, jilin, shaanxi, gansu, ningxia, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang, qinghai and Tibet, and the second weight was 15 yuan KG (airfreight price of yto express)
  5. International express and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan customers please direct telephone consulting staff
  6. If you order more products, worry about the delivery is too expensive customers, you can choose to send freight, freight to pay, (each region charge is different) is generally calculated by the box, each box of freight is between 15 to 40 yuan, according to the actual standard, the goods to your local, the freight company will contact you by phone, you according to the address provided by them from the delivery! Please inform our colleagues to deduct the freight for you after you place the order.
  7. If you fail to pick up the goods due to personal problems, you should bear the losses.
  8. The computer system is set to automatically charge extra freight for different regions in the country, so the difference in the automatically charged freight is too much, please contact customer service to check.



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