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Brown bear fully automatic three fold sunny umbrella black glue sunshade umbrella lovely little bear umbrella 中文版|
Brown bear fully automatic three fold sunny umbrella black glue sunshade umbrella lovely little bear umbrella Brown bear fully automatic three fold sunny umbrella black glue sunshade umbrella lovely little bear umbrella Brown bear fully automatic three fold sunny umbrella black glue sunshade umbrella lovely little bear umbrella
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  • Updated: 2021-01-05 14:41
  • About Product:Suggested retail price: $30.00 brand: rain show whether imports: no umbrella cloth material: touch attack cloth cloth gluing: vinyl umbrella cloth density: 190 t umbrella material: Alloy rods in material: steel umbrella handle material: plastic umbrella number: 8 bone open way: automatic umbrella mode: manual: the article number of the bear umbrella style: Thirty percent umbrella style: ordinary umbrella applicable people: adult printed LOGO: can be customized processing: all the origin (domestic) : zhejiang gross weight: 0.35 number of cartons: Packing: 60 the packed in cartons been patent sources: no design elements: metal color: thirty percent outer, thirty percent automatic been cross - border supply of goods: no
EXW Price: ¥ 11.50 /pc
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Yiwu Confidence Umbrella Factory
Main Products: Umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, umbrella, foreign trade umbrella
Contacts: Jin Fangming
Mobile: 13064657696
E-mail: xxzs@chineseumbrella.com
WeChat: xinxinumbrella
Address: 10539, 8 Street, 1F, 24 Gate, F2-International Trade Mart (District 2),Yiwu,China
Address: Fujiang Street Confidence Umbrella Industry, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

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Yiwu confidence umbrella factory is engaged in the development, production, sales for the integration of umbrella company, founded in 2000, the company has the first-class production lines, production workshop 5000 square meters, nissan umbrella more than 10000, and has a high quality design and management team, free of charge to customers design pattern, fine and printing (screen printing, thermal transfer) high quality, have professional proofing team, thoughtful service, product quality cengcengbaguan, strives for perfection, timely delivery, by gift company, foreign trade companies, large procurement group trust, has the self-management import and export rights, more than 100 years export containers, Is the national umbrella industry backbone enterprises. The main products are straight umbrella, folding umbrella, beach umbrella, golf umbrella, sun umbrella, pencil umbrella, children umbrella, tent series more than 200 varieties. ...
& other; Honesty, sincere service, common development ” Confidence is the business purpose of the enterprise.

1. After the use of the umbrella, it should be put in a ventilated and dry place to open and dry, and a small amount of lubricating oil should be applied to the ribs and handle of the umbrella to prevent rust and mildew.

2. Before opening the umbrella, shake the surface of the umbrella, straighten the ribs, and then slowly open the umbrella to prevent breakage.

3. Do not hang the umbrella on the wall containing alkaline lime, which can prevent the umbrella surface from being brittle.

4. Don't use the umbrella to pick things, don't use the umbrella as a walking stick, don't let the umbrella close to the high temperature, can prevent the umbrella from deformation.

5. The new umbrella should not be used for a long time, so as to avoid brittle deterioration.

6. In addition, the sun umbrella should also be cleaned, dried, placed at room temperature for a while, and then put away, can not be very hot sun put away so easy to make the umbrella surface aging, brittle, easy to rot.

7. When folding the umbrella, hold the top of the umbrella, and try not to touch the place where the folded part of the umbrella bone and the umbrella face meet with sweaty hands, so as to avoid the imprinting and affect the appearance in the future.

The individual character pattern on umbrella can reveal individual character very well, attract eyeball, so a lot of businesses also take it to be propagandistic material, also be the print of out-to-out. The most commonly used umbrella printing methods are silk-screen printing, hot stamping, offset printing, digital thermal transfer printing, rotary screen machine printing, machine thermal transfer printing... Of course, every printing method is different.  Silk umbrella, the price is relatively cheap, quantity requirement is not high, but some restrictions on colour, if the color is various, large printing area, has the color of the gradient effect, it has the certain difficulty, of course, with the continuous improvement of printing technology, the full version of the color printing can be achieved now, just the price edition fee is cheaper than thermal transfer, offset printing is usually used to print on the paper, using disperse the thermal transfer printing ink and paper pattern by high temperature heat transfer on the fabric, some also called thermal sublimation, but offset printing area is limited, and is a single piece of printing, so can only be used in an independent individualThe logoOn. The advantages of digital thermal transfer printing is unlimited color, color reduction, can be printed in small quantities, but the disadvantage is that the cost compared to screen printing is much higher. The most economical one is the circular screen machine printing, the cost is low, the cost of printing is also very cheap, but the version needs to waste a lot of fabric, and the printing pattern is not very bright, and the conditions are limited, is in the coating before printing, so there will be some out-of-shape printing graphics. To a high precision, and economic, then choose to use the machine heat transfer printing, but the version of the high cost, from the number of printing, so suitable is good.


Our store supports 7 days' return and exchange without reason. According to the rule of 7 days' return and exchange without reason, our store will bear the return and return freight for quality problems. Please bear the return and return freight for non-quality problems. (note: color difference, customer subjective factors do not like is not a quality problem!)

Within 7 days after receiving the goods, if it is the quality problem of the goods, our store can provide free replacement. If the buyer requests to return the goods due to subjective reasons such as not liking or wanting, the buyer shall bear the return freight (and make sure that it does not affect the second sales of the goods).
No exchange or return service will be provided if:
A. goods that exceed the time limit for return or exchange
B. Goods damaged or repaired by the buyer
C. Goods not filled in the return and exchange application and not sent back together (including gifts)
D. The outer package is seriously damaged, the warranty card and the bills provided by the store are not returned in full
E. goods affecting secondary sales (referring to goods returned by the buyer for subjective reasons without quality problems)
F. There is no return or exchange service for the gifts attached to the goods
Our shop does not accept any express returns collect

If you have any questions please contact customer service 


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