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Bamboo chair for foreign trade banquet Shanghai international hotel wedding metal chair outdoor wedding bamboo chair 中文版
Bamboo chair for foreign trade banquet Shanghai international hotel wedding metal chair outdoor wedding bamboo chair Bamboo chair for foreign trade banquet Shanghai international hotel wedding metal chair outdoor wedding bamboo chair Bamboo chair for foreign trade banquet Shanghai international hotel wedding metal chair outdoor wedding bamboo chair
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  • Updated: 2019-06-19 09:35
  • Product structure metal framework (fine grinding and welding, polishing processing, surface roasts the paint processing do environmental protection without oxygen, welds for full welding, sturdy) application places (Chinese and western wedding hotel restaurant cafe restaurant leisure clubs, etc.) product size regular size () according to the customer need to customize size about installation package, piled up, free packaging for rubber + woven bags, such as for carton packaging, need to add carton purchase cost and maintenance guide bamboo chair maintenance: please check the chair before daily work
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Above 50pcs   ¥ 85.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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1. Metal structure, material in accordance with the national standard CB/ and t5237-93 standards; Round steel pipe for furniture, with the following specifications:
2. All pipes are bent by automatic pipe bending machine, so that each bend position can reach the same level and conform to the first level standard, flat, no wrinkle, no deformation, the pipes must be hardened to achieve Hardness standard, using English high power welding machine, so that the welding pass smooth and meticulous, connection flat, firm and beautiful;
3. Tube surface: you can choose to spray polymer metal furniture special powder or spray metal paint.
4. Cushion sponge: the hardness can be adjusted according to the user's requirements;
5. There are screw claw nails under the seat plate to avoid direct contact between the screws and the board. However, the seat cushion will not fall off due to frequent use, which will directly cause the fall off of the seat cushion. The back of the dining chair is equipped with connecting accessories, so that the back of the front and back of the dining chair are connected seamlessly;
6. Dining chair fittings passes antirust processing completely, the surface of pipework all contains protective film, increase the adhesion of pink or paint, each dining chair foot all is equipped with anticollision footpad and wear-resisting footplug, when the user is used, can avoid Paint-free dining chairs and scratch-free floors;
7. Eat chair is designed according to principle of human body mechanics, accord with a standard.

8. Our factory advantage is: franchise hotel furniture, large production, manufacturers direct sales, stable quality, affordable price, service, integrity management, we will provide you with products and services

   Contact number: 0579-85190608 15958956969

 Contact number: 13735713828 WeChat 13735713828

 WeChat: 15958956969

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This bamboo section chair USES the folding fitting, but orders according to the folding principle, the folding is convenient, the load bearing many times folds under the circumstance the service life is also long, has the high precision, the close coordination, the concentricity high characteristic. Is the ideal conference, wedding furniture.

 Bamboo section chair features: 1. White high temperature paint 2. Back according to the human body design, sitting comfort, 4. According to the Oriental design, convenient operation 5.

 Suitable for industry and field: high-end western restaurant, wedding place. Due to its small size and light weight, it is suitable for white-collar workers to use in high-end hotels, restaurants and wedding industry. In metal welding, full welding spot; Better quality.

Bamboo section chair maintenance and maintenance

The maintenance of bamboo section chair and maintenance: maintenance is better than maintenance, bamboo section chair is often carried products, daily maintenance is very important.

   1. Please check whether the bamboo section chair is smooth and whether there are sundries on the desktop before work every day. To prevent from scratching

   2. Clean up the moisture and impurities in time to avoid damaging the product.

   3. When not using the bamboo-section chair, please clean the dust pasted on the seat cushion to extend the service life of the product.

   4. Replace the worn mat in time to facilitate normal use.

   5. The bamboo chair should be handled with care. Do not throw it away to avoid unnecessary damage.

   6. Please use the product within the scope of use. Do not stand on the seat cushion.


 Contact number: 0579-85190608 15958956969


 Contact number: 13735713828 WeChat 13735713828


 WeChat: 15958956969


 QQ:   1178196503 

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