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Artificial flower flower core 中文版|

Artificial flower flower core

Artificial flower flower core Artificial flower flower core Artificial flower flower core Artificial flower flower core
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  • Updated: 2019-12-11 16:25
  • About Product:Artificial flower, small flower core, with small flower core polka dot flower ball, decorative items
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Contacts: 范琳
Mobile: 86-18006511257
E-mail: 1306772@163.com
WeChat: 13355783044
Address: 36240 , 10 Street, 2 F, 89 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 4).
Address: Huancheng South Road, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Contact: Wu;

Contact number: 13306816571 (Hangzhou); 13306516100 (Yiwu);

Source of supply: factory direct store; Industrial and commercial research integration mode

Design: Paper Product Design and Development Center;


Sales area: South Asia, Northeast Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, South America, Russia; USA, UK, Belgium, Malaysia, Israel, Japan, Chile

Authorized private label: Yes, cross-border supply.


blackDeep blueDark greenDark redDeep purplegoldenLight bluefruit-green

Light purple

Mei redorangepeachpink

Bright redsilverwhiteyellow

Bright red

The Event explosion it
Decorative small flower core Pink, white, light blue, fruit green, light purple, yellow, orange, red, rose, dark green, dark blue, deep purple, beige, black, silver, peach, dark red

 About us:   
   Company Profile/ABOUT US
Hangzhou Fangding Technology Co., Ltd., headquartered in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, has branches in Asia 's largest small commodity distribution center. China Yiwu International Commodity City. Mainly for holiday supplies, commodities, candy bags, hanging tags, Paper honeycomb honeycomb balls. Specializing in the production and operation of all kinds of large flower cores, small flower cores, calla lily, terms flowers, petals, chrysanthemums, With polka-dot flower balls, thousands of specifications, and can be designed and produced according to customer needs, The products sell well in China Big market, Relying on Yiwu 's comprehensive nationwide consignment, air, port, intermodal and communication networks to ensure good logistics services, It has had been highly recognized by customers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Europe, the United States and other countries and regions for many years. The Companies adhering to the \"customer first, Forge ahead\" business philosophy, backed by a large channel support, adhere to the \"customer first\" principle to provide our clients with quality services.


[product brand] : FDFASS

[product name]: small flower core

Product packaging: OPP bag packaging, please contact customer service for special specifications, please note the order

[product color]: black, red, white, rose, light purple, pink, silver, deep purple,

                     Dark green, Dark blue, orange, yellow, peach, light green, light blue, beige,

[Product use]: Qingsheng birthday party, wedding decoration, festive supplies, home decoration,

                     Conference decoration, campus activities, party celebration, large-scale exhibition decoration,

                     Shopping mall event decoration, car 4S shop decoration family New Year Christmas holiday decoration

                     Wait, a lot of wholesale, colorful and colorful, now domestic and foreign wedding company advertising

                     At The same time, it is deeply affected by Europe, America, South America, Brazil

                     The favorite of The home is The most popular decoration, The quality of The factory direct sales, The quantity is large


[Customer Service]: What colors do you need, and after you take the number of colors, the color can be specified.

                     I can also help my family to help! Designated color troubles parents in detail on Want Want

                     Leave a message or contact customer service directly~!

If the customer service is not at the computer or If you don't understand it, please call 180-0651-1257 and feel free to answer your questions.


Real object mix-and-match shooting

Due to the influence of the display and the camera, it may cause color deviation, which is a normal phenomenon and is inevitable, so the color is subject to the real thing, Thank you for your understanding!






Store real shot, all kinds of styles of goods, everything should be ~!
Welcome calls to negotiate ~! Ms. Wu: 13306512100, 18805111257, 13355783044, 13306816571, 18667181160
Store Address: 36240, 10th Street, 2nd Floor, 4th District, Yiwu International Trade City, welcome to the Store to consult

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If the customer service is not at the computer or there are not clear do not understand, welcome to call 180-0651-1257, at any time for your answer.
Enjoy your shopping ~!


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