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Household Fresh Checkered Waterproof Tablecloth Easy to Clean Living Room Dining Table Oilproof and Heatproof PVC Table Cloth Wholesale 中文版|
Household Fresh Checkered Waterproof Tablecloth Easy to Clean Living Room Dining Table Oilproof and Heatproof PVC Table Cloth Wholesale Household Fresh Checkered Waterproof Tablecloth Easy to Clean Living Room Dining Table Oilproof and Heatproof PVC Table Cloth Wholesale Household Fresh Checkered Waterproof Tablecloth Easy to Clean Living Room Dining Table Oilproof and Heatproof PVC Table Cloth Wholesale Household Fresh Checkered Waterproof Tablecloth Easy to Clean Living Room Dining Table Oilproof and Heatproof PVC Table Cloth Wholesale
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  • Updated: 2021-06-07 16:00
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Hongyuan Household Products
Main Products: Tablecloth, tablecloth, placemat, tapestry, bronzing tablecloth, non-woven fabric,
Contacts: Cai weimin
Mobile: 15088285101
E-mail: 498021031@qq.com
WeChat: 13665775679
Address: 35758, 5 Street, 2F, 85 Gate, B1-International Trade Mart (District 4),Yiwu,China




















1. Order rules:

1. We always pursue the wholesale concept of affordable price, the price is the actual wholesale price, mixed batch supported, the quantity is not limited, you can place an order to ship. After clicking "confirm order", the system will automatically calculate the courier fee and see the specific charging standard of the courier company. If you need to send logistics, please contact us to change the freight to 0. The logistics fee is paid on arrival and you can pick up the goods yourself. Because it is impossible to choose whether to send logistics or express when placing an order in Alibaba at present, our system sets the default express delivery.

2. Yiwu small commodities, each price is equal to each other. I hope you can look at the product introduction and pictures with abstract thinking. The products are continuously improved and upgraded, and some of the product pictures are processed by art. If you are looking for a product from a specific manufacturer, please contact us for confirmation before placing an order.

3. If the product has options to choose the color, we will ship it according to the order. If there is no color option, it is usually shipped randomly, and it is sent randomly according to what color our warehouse has.

4. Please make full use of "leave a message to the seller" to note your special requirements. We try our best to satisfy, so that the warehouse can also see the remarks, so as not to send wrong goods, send wrong logistics, etc.

2. About delivery

express delivery is received at 6 pm. Orders placed before 12 pm on the same day should be delivered on the same day as much as possible. Orders placed on the same day need to be delivered on the next day, under normal circumstances, we will send it within 24-48 hours. The courier company we cooperate with is Huitong Express.

3. About logistics

by default, we send Huitong express. Large goods can be delivered by logistics. Logistics needs to be picked up by ourselves. The charging standards of various logistics companies vary. We estimate that it is inaccurate, so we do not make any valuation, it also does not bear any cost in logistics. It is strongly recommended that customers find a leased line logistics company from Yiwu to the place of receipt. Yiwu is already the most developed logistics center in the country, we hope that customers can provide their own satisfactory logistics companies as much as possible. We are not engaged in the logistics industry and do not understand the hidden rules of logistics. Our experience in logistics is only for reference, do not bear all kinds of "accidents" caused by logistics ".

When receiving the goods, you must order the goods in the presence of the staff. If there is any missing, you must contact us immediately! (Tel: 13806797584), if you do not get the contact and sign in time, the consignee shall bear the problem!

IV. About goods return and exchange

1. Within 15 days after receiving the goods (subject to the receipt date of the waybill), there are unsalable goods. Our company will return the goods. Please contact the after-sales customer service before returning the goods. Please fill in the after-sales service form, in addition, return details are placed in the returned goods so that your return can be tracked and handled in a timely manner.

2. The returned goods must be well packaged (please bring your own packaging, do not paste or write directly on the original product outer box) to ensure that the unfolded packaging, unused packaging, and secondary sales are not affected (otherwise, the product will not be returned or exchanged).

3. We will try our best to satisfy the customer's specification of product color or style, but we cannot guarantee 100%. If the color or style does not match, we will not bear the freight.

4. Due to the long return and exchange time we provide, products that have been removed from the shelves of our company will not be returned or exchanged.

5. If there is no quality problem, our company will refund the product with 20% discount. If there is serious damage to the goods received by our company, our company will provide the product pictures to the customers. According to the degree of availability of the products received, the after-sales service will negotiate with you. The payment will be returned to Alipay or pre-deposit.

  Due to the difference in freight between Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, if you need to return or exchange goods, please contact our after-sales customer service first and negotiate with both parties.

V. About evaluation

if you are a perfect person or a buyer with counter complex, Please bypass. We cherish every comment. If you are not satisfied with the goods you received or have objections, please raise your hand, please contact our store before making comments. Our store must be patient and active to solve the problem for you. Don't make impulsive medium/negative comments because of a sudden impulse. We refuse to accept a visit from poor evaluation blackmailers, we will resolutely resist the unexpected customers who threaten us to refund the goods.

We recommend that you use Alipay for payment. The payment is safe and convenient for shopping in the future. If it is really inconvenient, you can also choose a series of payment methods such as bank remittance, WeChat transfer, Tenpay payment, etc. Please take photos of the products and specify the payment method before remittance, it is convenient for us to verify the goods and deliver them as soon as possible after receiving the payment. Please send your account number, remittance bank and amount to us through Wangwang or mobile phone after remittance, we will arrange shipment after checking the payment for goods.


Manager Wu: 18066207192

address: 3/F, Building C2, No. 387, fulongshan South Road, Fujiang Street, Yiwu city, Zhejiang province

yiwu outu Ouri Department Store Co., Ltd. is registered in Yiwu city, a world-famous production and sales base for small commodities. The company is located in Shenzhou Road Industrial Park, Houzhai Street, northwest of Yiwu city. It integrates design, research and development, production, A comprehensive enterprise integrating sales and service. The company has direct and agreed production enterprises in industrial parks in Yiwu, Jiujiang, Jingdezhen, Yichun, Shijiazhuang, Jinhua and other regions.
The company has more than 200 employees, including 10 managers, 12 technicians and 180 ordinary employees. The total area of office, accommodation, production sites and storage is more than 5,000 square meters; it has more than 200 sets of all kinds of equipment, including 4 sets of cutting, 40 sets of four-wire sewing machine, 50 sets of five-wire sewing machine, 100 sets of machine flat, and more than 20 sets of pressing machines).
The company can produce apron of various styles. Toilet mat. Leggings. And other products that need sewing. The company has an annual output value of more than 30 million yuan, a diversified business model that combines online and offline to drive large sales, has a sound sales network, and has business contacts with major cities and some countries in the country.
Our company has perfect product testing. Means and quality assurance system, employees have a strong sense of responsibility. We set up the goal of "high quality and low price, large quantity of stability" and take "unity, honesty, pioneering, innovation, pragmatism and win-win" as the concept. We promise that your demand is our pursuit.


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