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South Korea Imported Flash Yarn ribbon DIY Hair bow Material dress hat collocation 中文版|
South Korea Imported Flash Yarn ribbon DIY Hair bow Material dress hat collocation South Korea Imported Flash Yarn ribbon DIY Hair bow Material dress hat collocation South Korea Imported Flash Yarn ribbon DIY Hair bow Material dress hat collocation South Korea Imported Flash Yarn ribbon DIY Hair bow Material dress hat collocation
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  • Updated: 2020-06-24 09:18
The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Beauty is the ribbon
Product introduction
  • 1589178701(1).jpg 
    • [Name] : Flash drill wide yarn
      [Brand] : Medo
      [Model] : Chanel
      [Unit] : Code; 1 yd & asymp; 0.9144 m (1 m & ASYmp; 1.093613 yards)
      [Origin] : Korea
      [Material] : polyester
    • [Features] : High color fastness to washing, bright color and soft feel
      [Raw materials] : all imported raw silk and European environment-friendly dyes
      [Environmental protection] : Certified by OEKo-Tex Stardand 100, it fully meets the industrial environmental protection standards of European Union, Japan, the United States and other countries 
  • The store sells the whole roll. If you need samples, please contact the customer service
  • Due to the synchronous sales with physical stores, the inventory changes very quickly. If you have placed an order, please pay as soon as possible. We will pick up and distribute the products as soon as possible.

  • Ribbon with joint belongs to the normal situation is not quality issue, our full 199 package mail, package mail except Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan region and remote areas (gansu, qinghai, ningxia, Inner Mongolia, xinjiang and Tibet) ribbon width measurement is mm error, for there is a requirement for accurate width can contact customer service for reference after order, avoid disputes, don't take mind.
Product photo
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Product close-up







The store display



Purchase information

Buyers requirements

& clubs; 1. As for delivery, all products of the store are sold on spot, but the inventory is unstable because it is operated synchronously with physical stores         Sex, some goods may be out of stock, may need to transfer goods or reproduction, etc., the general spot is the same day at 4 o 'clock             Delivered half a year ago, but the specific situation is subject to customer service confirmation.

& clubs; 2. About the color difference, all the products in our store are taken in kind, because the color difference exists in the shooting technology, optical fiber, display and other factors         We have tried our best to reduce the color difference to the minimum. If you want a perfect lover, you can contact the customer service to take a picture or ask for a color sample         The order. Color difference does not belong to the quality problem, because the pro is not satisfied with the color of the request to return and replace the need to take their own back and forth transport         Fee.

& clubs; 3. About the product joint: Dear, the woven ribbon belongs to the textile. The raw material butt joint is produced in the production process and the contamination is found in the quality inspection process         In the case of stains and so on, the factory will cut them out before docking. Therefore, if one or two joints are found on the receipt of the ribbon, it is normal           Of, do not belong to quality problem!

& clubs; 4. If the goods are returned or replaced due to non-quality problems, a handling charge of 20% will be charged, and the return and return freight will be paid by yourself. (Color difference, folding             Mark, thickness,Wrong specifications, color, personal dislike, etc.) are not quality problems, the ribbon industry is inevitable

       Pro know, if there is a question please consult customer service, customer service will answer to you.



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