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The Factory Direct Sale New top Grade Stripe hits color Gold Edge Hair Hoop to tie Knot to Twist Knot Wide Edge Head Hoop Korean Edition Hair Tool 中文版
The Factory Direct Sale New top Grade Stripe hits color Gold Edge Hair Hoop to tie Knot to Twist Knot Wide Edge Head Hoop Korean Edition Hair Tool The Factory Direct Sale New top Grade Stripe hits color Gold Edge Hair Hoop to tie Knot to Twist Knot Wide Edge Head Hoop Korean Edition Hair Tool The Factory Direct Sale New top Grade Stripe hits color Gold Edge Hair Hoop to tie Knot to Twist Knot Wide Edge Head Hoop Korean Edition Hair Tool The Factory Direct Sale New top Grade Stripe hits color Gold Edge Hair Hoop to tie Knot to Twist Knot Wide Edge Head Hoop Korean Edition Hair Tool
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  • Updated: 2020-07-13 13:47
EXW Price:
Above 10000000pcs   ¥ 1.60 /pc
60pcs ~9999999pcs   ¥ 2.88 /pc
3pcs ~59pcs   ¥ 2.98 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Meishan jewelry
Main Products: Hair bands, hair bands, streamers, large intestine rings and other headdresses
Contacts: 15268637217
Mobile: 15268637217
Address: 102356A, 8 Street, 2F, 6 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1) - East,Yiwu,China

C 散装发货

C 实物拍摄 盗图必究

Photo of product is taken by our factory

Most of the wholesale for manual hair accessories will inevitably have some traces, do not belong to defective products, dear friends note oh ~

This shop commodity material is import more, commodity quality has safeguard ~

I wish you a happy shopping and prosperous business!




C 布料随机剪裁 - 副本













1. About how many initial batches do you support mixed batches? Is there a limit on the amount? What about the freight?

All products according to the minimum online batch can be; Mixed batch is supported, the amount of mixed batch is over 200 yuan or over 40 pieces, there is no limit on the quantity; Support pay treasure, the bank makes money directly 2 kinds of transactions.

We write the weight of each product and place the order. The system automatically calculates the weight. The freight is generated automatically according to the weight. If you need

Send logistics, contact customer service to modify the freight, logistics freight collect!

2. Are there any goods on the shelf? What if we run out of stock?

All of our products are sold in stock, and the page shows that the baby can be shot is in stock, please feel assured to buy. Due to the variety of goods, daily sales are large, individual products are not

Please understand the situation of stock shortage caused by the timely removal of the shelves, we will mark on the list of individual stock shortage, if the variety of stock shortage is particularly large, we will contact you by phone or Wang Wang and deal with it. If out of stock, please note in the order message. Please let me know if you are out of stock. !


4. I don't have Alipay. Is there any other way to complete the transaction?

     We recommend the use of Alipay, payment for both safe, also convenient shopping in the future. Don't really convenient can accept bank transfer, please take baby before sending money and note to bank remittance, convenient to you after we receive payment according to your goods shipment as soon as possible, after the remittance please send your alibaba account, remittance bank and amount through the prosperous or cell phone to contact us, we arrange shipment to check the payment after checking the goods correctly

5. What if we receive the goods with quality problems and out of stock?

 A. If the goods are out of stock or have quality problems after receiving the goods, please timely contact after-sales service within 48 hours. If there are quality problems, please take a picture after receiving the goods and confirm with us. If the goods are out of stock, the list has been marked out, contact our customer service to apply for a refund.

      PS: Return and Exchange Postage Instructions (very important) :

   1. The case of wrong delivery and omission -- we will pay the postage for the wrong delivery. If there is a small amount of omission and the list of goods details indicates that the goods are out of stock, the part out of stock shall be marked according to & LDquo; Apply for a refund. Processing, we missed the quantity of more postage to help dear friends to send out!

   2. Product quality problem -- Due to the particularity of wholesale and large quantity of goods, it is impossible for us to separate all products for inspection as taobao retail does. Although the manufacturer has strictly controlled the quality before the delivery, it is normal for some defective products to exist. But, the product quality problem, we have an obligation to give the buyer a replacement, just our profit is thin, small wholesale itself sometimes profit has not been back and forth the freight is high, if we pay the freight on a replacement back and forth, we don't just don't make money, more time is losing money, no one will do lose money business, believe that all business friends will agree with this, so we usually take the following three methods for processing:

         (1) The next replenishment (the replenishment part does not count the freight)

          (2) Refund 50% of the payment for the goods

          (3) Direct return and replacement (freight borne by the buyer) 

 (note: it is not easy to do business, except in special circumstances, dear friends is recommended to carry out after-sales service in the first way.)

       3. Product damage problem -- the damage is generally concentrated in plastic products. Due to the uneven quality of employees in the express delivery industry, violent throwing, trampling and other problems, no matter how good the packaging is, it will inevitably be damaged in the transportation and delivery.

       Special case trouble dear friends negotiate with us to deal with! (Our principle is to avoid the loss of both parties and reduce the unnecessary cost of both parties)

      4. Summary of return and exchange -- If you are not satisfied with the product, do not like it, in the case of no use, does not affect the second sale, can be returned or replaced, freight by yourself! 

    No return or exchange is allowed under the following circumstances 

    A. The returned product packaging is damaged or incomplete, and the product accessories or relevant information is incomplete;

    B. Repair or refit without authorization;

   C. Not used or stored in the normal way;

   D goods beyond the period of after-sales service.

   E Seasonal products are not refundable after the expiry date (e.g. thermal stickers for fans in summer and winter, etc.).

    F Products that have been removed from our shelves will not be returned or replaced. 

6. The order will be deemed to agree to the following terms 

(a) The amount above 200 yuan can be mixed batch, the quantity is not limited; Order individual products according to the minimum online bulk order.

(II) Due to the large quantity of goods shipped every day, we will try to notify by phone the products out of stock. Due to the low profit of the products, after receiving the products, we will apply for refund according to the goods out of stock as indicated in the shipping list, and will not reissue the products.

(3) The shipment may be missed during the mixed batch. If you find that the quantity of goods is less than the order quantity after receiving the goods, please contact us in time. The validity period is within 3 days after receipt of the goods After that, we made up the unpaid payment immediately.

 (4) If the products without quality problems cannot be returned after receiving, we will bear the return freight for quality problems, and we will bear the freight for replacement.

 (5) If you are out of stock, please note in the order message. Please let me know if you are out of stock. ! 

 (6) As for express delivery, any delivery without remarks will be sent to our store by default, and other express delivery will be sent to customers who cannot contact us. Other express delivery needs to make up the difference.





        In terms of transportation, the logistics freight is paid on arrival, and the logistics needs to be picked up by itself. When purchasing products, the order should be submitted and the customer service should be contacted to modify the freight, which is 0. If there is no special instructions in order to save the buyer's freight we choose

The logistics of the freight station is the dedicated line logistics, logistics do not deliver goods to the door, this kind of logistics and passenger transport center is like the bus is direct to 2 places is only a person a freight. Be sure before you stock it

Check to see if there is such logistics nearby. Compared with large well-known logistics, this kind of logistics freight is cheaper, but because the quantity is too much, the service is much worse. If the shipment is delayed by logistics

We don't accept any request for return of goods. If not, you can communicate with us to choose the right logistics. Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai can also choose to send express, the cost is relatively high but can deliver

The door.     

       The charges of various logistics companies are not standard, and our estimate is not accurate, so we do not make any estimate, nor do we bear any cost in the logistics. We strongly recommend customers to find the destination in Yiwu by themselves

Special line logistics company, Yiwu has become the most developed logistics center in China, we hope customers can provide their own satisfactory logistics companies, we are not engaged in the logistics industry, do not understand the hidden rules of logistics,

Our experience in logistics is only for reference, and we are not responsible for all kinds of logistics problems. Accident & throughout; . Please don't shoot if you are worried!!    

       The delivery logistics, more than 7 days have not received the goods, please do contact us!

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