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Portable PEVA Frosted non-disposable Raincoat adult thickening ening ening men's and women's Riding Mountain Poncho Long
Portable PEVA Frosted non-disposable Raincoat adult thickening ening ening men's and women's Riding Mountain Poncho Long Portable PEVA Frosted non-disposable Raincoat adult thickening ening ening men's and women's Riding Mountain Poncho Long Portable PEVA Frosted non-disposable Raincoat adult thickening ening ening men's and women's Riding Mountain Poncho Long Portable PEVA Frosted non-disposable Raincoat adult thickening ening ening men's and women's Riding Mountain Poncho Long
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  • Updated: 2022-01-11 13:23
EXW Price:
Above 100pcs   ¥ 4.20 /pc
20pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 4.50 /pc
2pcs ~19pcs   ¥ 5.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Ai Fei Company
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Packaging information

CTN Szie: 40 × 30 × 20 cm

G.W./CTN:10 kg

QTY/CTN:120 pc/carton



The spring on the new




Top GRADE EVA raincoat: the total length is 155cm(the cap height is 36cm+119cm); the sleeve length is 78cm; the chest circumference is 140cm; the coat width is 70 (the coat width = chest circumference /2).

Packing specification: 100 pieces/box  

Product color: blue, pink, white, purple and yellow

Case size: 35*45*50cm

The weight of each piece is about 130g

FCL about 14.5kg
















The thickness of raincoat is 16.2 silk, the quality is quite good oh

The thickness of raincoat is 16.2 silk, the quality is quite good oh

The picture of the outer packing of adult style is shown below
Packing size: 21cm*28.5cm

The figures for children's funds are as follows:

Total length 110cm (including height of cap 19cm)

 55 cm bust Suitable for height of 1 meter 3-1 meter 5 or so

 The model is 1.35 meters tall and weighs 58 jin

Tank gauge: 30 * 40 * 50 cm

Packing: 120 pieces/box


Product package size: about 21*28cm


About the pre-sale question



1: About how many initial batches, do you support mixed batches? Is there a limit on the amount? What about the freight?
All products according to the page starting batch can be unlimited amount! Support mixed batch! Support Alipay transactions! We have written the weight of each product, and the freight system will calculate the freight automatically when shooting, basically taking the freight as the criterion. There will be a slight weight error of some products, please contact the customer service in time if you have any questions 


2. Are the colors randomly delivered when the goods are delivered? Can you choose the style?

As for the style and color, if the baby has the choice of style and color classification, you can take photos according to the style and color classification, do not accept the remarks, according to the delivery you placed. If no style and color classification, distribution of the time is a random distribution, there are special requirements of friends can note the style or color (taken together have a bar can note, write the article number, style, such as: Y1: black), we will try to help you in accordance with the requirements with good, but the lack of color deficiency will sent you random, such as is not consistent because of the color or style will not be return. Please forgive me! Don't shoot if you mind.


3. Are the products on the shelf available? What if there is a shortage?
All of our products are sold from stock. It is shown on the page that all the available products are available. Please feel free to buy. Due to a large variety of goods, the daily sales volume is relatively large, very few goods are out of stock in time, please understand, the goods will be out of stock or not sent products refund to you, after receiving the goods, please contact the customer service to deal with, here we are not one notice, please fill in the application for refund write & LDquo; Agree with the seller. If applying for a refund write & LDquo; Failing to deliver as agreed or making false deliveries; Refund will not be processed. Thank you for understanding! Mind not to shoot!


4: I have already paid. When will the goods be delivered and how long will they arrive?
Because companies have a larger shipments every day, we will be in your payment according to the order of payment within 24 to 48 hours after shipment, because of distance, weather, and time will be carrying different Courier company operation process, general 1-2 days to jiangsu, anhui, guangdong, fujian, shandong, jiangxi, Beijing, tianjin, generally 2-3 days, in other parts of the 3 to 5 days, 4-7 days in remote areas. The general logistics outside the province 3-7 days!


5: I don't have Alipay. Can I remit by bank?

We recommend the use of Alipay, payment two security, also convenient for future shopping query records. Is not convenient to accept bank transfer, before the remittance, please take a picture of baby and note to bank remittance, convenient to you after we receive payment check goods shipment as soon as possible, please send your alibaba account after remittance, remittance bank and amount through the prosperous or cell phone to contact us, we arrange shipment to check the payment after checking the goods correctly

Shopkeeper card number [Please contact us in time after making the payment, and arrange the delivery for you as soon as possible after checking the address and purchase details are correct]

Icbc: 622208 120800 6196153 Yang Zilin, Yiwu, Zhejiang (Shangyou Card)

Postal Bank: 622150 338000 1938699 Yang Zilin, Yiwu, Zhejiang

Construction Bank: 6227 0733 5140 3614 Yang zi Lin Yiwu, Zhejiang (Clearing House Card)

Agricultural Bank of China: 622848 1078525927278   Yang zi Lin Zhejiang jiangshan


About the delivery
Express delivery is unified around 5 o 'clock in the afternoon, the order before 5 o 'clock in the afternoon is generally delivered on the same day, the order after 5 o 'clock in the afternoon is delivered on the next day (in short, try to make the first time to dear friends delivery oh)! We will arrange shipment as soon as possible! Hope you can understand! The express company we cooperate with is Yto Express (if you have high requirements on express, please consult customer service before placing an order, because sometimes we need to change the express company).  




 After - sales and quality issues return and replacement
1. If any quality problem is found within 7 days after receipt of the goods (subject to the date of receipt of the waybill), please contact the after-sales customer service immediately. It will not be accepted after the deadline. The defective products must be packaged in a complete package (please bring your own package, do not paste or write directly on the box of the original product, otherwise no refund will be given). For wechat business supply customers, please accumulate more than 10 kg of returns, return the freight by our company, use ordinary logistics to return, declined to send expensive express and logistics (such as deppon, jiaji, tiantianhuayu and other well-known logistics), if there is a violation, freight by themselves, and cancel the consignment and micro supply qualification, hope to understand!


2. Please communicate with the after-sale service staff before returning the goods, and fill in the after-sale service form with your cooperation, so that your return can be tracked and dealt with timely.
3. We will try our best to meet the customer's specification of product color or style, but we cannot guarantee 100%. If the color or style does not match, the goods will not be returned or replaced
4. In the case of sending goods not sold by our company to our company, we reserve the right not to deal with the return and replacement of all goods, and the freight shall be borne by the customer, and the goods shall be returned directly to the customer.
5. No return or replacement is allowed under the following conditions: A. The returned product package is damaged or incomplete, and the accessories or relevant information of the product are incomplete; B. Repair or refit without authorization; C. Not used or stored in the normal way; D goods whose colours and colours are not refundable and beyond the period of after-sales service. E Seasonal products are not refundable after expiration (such as thermal stickers for fans in summer and winter).
6. After-sales service is the most basic service of the company. We are willing to provide good after-sales service for you.
  About logistics
Yiwu logistics direct to the whole country, as long as the city above the city level is basically to the city, county cities need transit. After the arrival of the goods logistics will call you, you need to pick up the goods yourself. Here, we note in particular. The good and bad of service of Yiwu logistics company are intermingled, I hope everybody can contact a logistics company by oneself first before ordering, the method can be oneself look for, you also can hit 114 inquiry of Yiwu to your local logistics point, look for a place that is closer to you. Then tell us the logistics number in Yiwu, and we will help you deliver it to your service point. If you do not specify the location, we will send out the goods at your own choice. Such as because of such a long distance to take delivery of goods, slow logistics and other problems and not to take delivery of goods, refused to sign the goods, refund please deduct the logistics round-trip freight, logistics return is also to freight, the customer asked to send logistics carefully choose!


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