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Yibei Electroplating Edge Golden Rain Hat Screw Gold-Plated Edge Conch Necklace Pendant Accessories 中文版|

Yibei Electroplating Edge Golden Rain Hat Screw Gold-Plated Edge Conch Necklace Pendant Accessories

Yibei Electroplating Edge Golden Rain Hat Screw Gold-Plated Edge Conch Necklace Pendant Accessories Yibei Electroplating Edge Golden Rain Hat Screw Gold-Plated Edge Conch Necklace Pendant Accessories Yibei Electroplating Edge Golden Rain Hat Screw Gold-Plated Edge Conch Necklace Pendant Accessories Yibei Electroplating Edge Golden Rain Hat Screw Gold-Plated Edge Conch Necklace Pendant Accessories
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  • Updated: 2022-06-15 09:25
EXW Price:
Above 100pcs   ¥ 1.20 /pc
10pcs ~99pcs   ¥ 1.50 /pc
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Yibei Ocean Ornaments Firm
Main Products: Coral necklaces, bracelets, shells and other natural ocean jewelry
Contacts: ganjignying
Mobile: 86-15868936188
WeChat: 13967416138
Address: No.11, Changchun Second Street, Futian Street, Yiwu City, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province

Let's enter the world of marine ornament together! 


  Do you love natural wind? Do you love ethnic style? Do you love exotic customs?

  Welcome yiwu Yibei Ornament Co., Ltd.!

  Let's listen to the gentle words that the vast ocean tells us and feel the tenderness of the sea together.


  Our company was established in 2006 nian, is China's bigger specializing in the production of corals, the shells series ornament of private enterprises, is a collection of ornament R & D, production, sales in one of the integrated enterprise.

      Main products: fashion coral necklace, coral earrings, coral bracelet; Shell necklace, shell earrings, shell bracelet; At the same time, it has Coral shell pendant, volcanic rock jewelry, turquoise jewelry; And coral accessories of the same series, shell accessories, volcanic rock accessories, turquoise accessories, etc.  The company has won wide praise from domestic and foreign markets and customers for its unique styles, high-quality products and affordable prices, and is well received by consumers. Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the principle of reputation first, following the development of varieties, delivery time and service, and relying on efficiency to develop foreign merchants. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to contact us customization as request, yibei ornament will join hands with you to develop together.




Please consult customer service before ordering, quantity discount, accept customization, please negotiate if there is no goods, thank you ~




detailed description:

1) material: natural freshwater shell. Natural shell drawn from different parts of, there might be inevitable flaws and more or less oil spots, the size and shape of each batch may also be different, please be careful if not accepted. Shell, born for those who understand me.

2) accept sample orders.

3) product description: Electroplating golden edge black eyes screw about. Color: Gold + black. The size is for reference only, please refer to the actual size received!

  Fashionable style, unique shape, fashionable appearance, deeply loved by fashion experts from all walks of life at home and abroad!

              Customizable earrings, bracelets, pendants, necklace sets

4) color: optional, consistent with the sample or customized with the buyer

5) suitable for travel commemoration, Beach surfing, ethnic style matching

6) packing: ordinary bulk. For example, as a gift, gift box packaging can be provided according to customer requirements to show the atmosphere and improve the grade of gifts.

7) This product is suitable for beach surfing wear, seaside city tourism features memorial gift items, Bohemian ethnic style clothing matching, etc.


This product is a natural marine freshwater shell volcanic rock ornament. The pictures we present will show the true appearance of the original object. However, because we use the original material, natural spots cannot be avoided, there is no guarantee that the texture and texture of the product are exactly the same, please understand. Natural is good and popular!


  Actinozoa of our products are made of sea bamboo coral dyed by environmental protection technology. Deep-colored finished products may fade slightly after being stained with water, sweat or other liquids. Because of artificial dyeing, this phenomenon is inevitable, but the quality of finished products will not be affected, customers and friends can rest assured to buy. I hereby inform you that customers and friends can understand more. For dyeing process, we are also studying better dyeing technology to improve this phenomenon. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Only natural ones are of high quality! Beautiful like you, worth having!


Real shooting, affordable price, welcome to consult!







There are other exquisite styles for you to choose from! o(^-^)o




shells symbolize a hanging target in people's hearts. On the beach of life, we are often confused by glittering shells. Like children, we ignore the shining shells on the beach like stars and lose the pleasure of picking up shells.


Now our company has opened up two dealerships in the famous Yiwu International Trade City market with the following addresses. Welcome to visit us for consultation:

1.4500 stores on the second floor of District C, Yiwu International Trade City,

2. Yiwu Yinyuan community, Building 18, Xingzhong District, No. 27






tips :

    some marine crystals have original Cotton, ice cracks, lack of ore, and hard injuries caused by human beings during polishing. Other bracelets or necklace beads have tiny differences in size. This is what we call imperfect beauty. Just like like a person, if you like him or her, you must accept his or her shortcomings. No one is perfect, let alone shell coral from hundreds of millions of years ago. Please know about Shell coral and take good care of shell coral. I hope every shell coral belonging to you can bring you good luck.

On the chromatic aberration:
     our products are all taken in kind, and the color of the products illuminated by different light is different, so it is not excluded that there is a little deviation between the color of the real product and the picture after you receive the goods, maybe when we shoot it in the morning and you receive the goods in the evening, the light reflects different colors at different times. I hope customers and friends can understand this.

On the evaluation of:
   1. After the transaction is completed, you have the right to evaluate our store. Our store attaches great importance to your evaluation and strives to get your praise.
   2. Customers and friends are invited to give an objective comment after shopping. Do not make a moderate or negative comment on our store at will according to your own mood. If you have any dissatisfaction or suggestions during the transaction or after receiving the goods, be sure to contact me through your mobile phone or Wangwang first. I will solve it properly. Please comment after solving it. Thank you for your cooperation.
   3. If you have any dissatisfaction with the goods received, and do not contact the owner to solve the problem, those who give the medium and poor reviews will be regarded as malicious comments, and our store will resolutely complain to the end to safeguard their rights and image, thank you for understanding.


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