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  • Jixiang Toy Firm
    Main Products: Cloth dolls, leggy doll, baby doll Nightie, fruit Hat Doll, ballet dancing doll, doll lovers, music doll, bear doll, toy2r, crown pear teddy bear, simulation of dogs and cats, button doll, Wedding Baby Tiger, plush zero Purse Satchel, massage stick,
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  • Contacts: 刘华
  • Mobile: 13305890590 0579-85280853
  • WeChat: 13305890590
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Shop No. 73333, Street8, Floor1, Gate No.94, MarketInternational Trade Mart.
Introduction: Xinghua auspicious toy factory is single-minded production fabric doll hair velvet toy, main product ... more

  • Introduction: Xinghua auspicious toy factory is single-minded production fabric doll hair velvet toy, main production trade domestic cloth doll toy, hair velvet toy, hair velvet hanging pieces, package package hanging plutonium, car hanging plutonium and the package bouquet and wedding doll, and has inventory spot, not only has since has of independent brand products, network pop products, export European. South America. North America. Southeast Asia area and Middle East, multiple national of trade products. Can be customized to pictures and samples a variety of plush fabric toys and ornaments. Welcome new and old customers come to buy, we will warm service, high quality products to many styles, affordable, can meet the needs of global customers at home and abroad. Fruit hooded dolls Pajamas a couple dolls, Calico leggy dolls, musical dancing dolls, ballet dancing dolls, fashion doll lovers, Xiong Gongzi, violent bear, Teddy bear, simulation of cats and dogs, button doll, happy Tiger, such as wholesale. Welcome to order. One generation can help you. Lucky toys http://www.lejiwu.com.cn professional fabric dolls. plush toys wholesale store. many styles, price and supply stability.
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