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Taobao, distribution of non-stick oil dish cloth dish towel bamboo fiber Korea kitchen rag 8372 中文版| Report Item
Taobao, distribution of non-stick oil dish cloth dish towel bamboo fiber Korea kitchen rag 8372 Taobao, distribution of non-stick oil dish cloth dish towel bamboo fiber Korea kitchen rag 8372 Taobao, distribution of non-stick oil dish cloth dish towel bamboo fiber Korea kitchen rag 8372
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  • Updated: 2017-03-14 13:32
  • Non-stick oil dish cloth woven of pure natural wood fiber network, and start with white soft, home!
EXW Price:
Above 2700pcs   ¥ 2.50 /pc
900pcs ~2699pcs   ¥ 2.80 /pc
5pcs ~899pcs   ¥ 3.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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"Product name ": no oil dish cloth

【产品名称 】:不沾油洗碗布

"Product ":-8 36X37cm thick

"Bags quantity ": 900 PCs

"Material": a pure natural wood fibers

"Color": Red, yellow, blue, white, random issue

"Application object": the pots and other kitchen supplies, bathroom supplies, furniture .... , And so on.


Application: suitable for kitchen, Cookware, dishes, pots, plastic products, bathroom supplies, furniture, etc.



Each color shipped randomly

Colors: red, blue, yellow, white,


Customers who needed a bag

According to different bag sizes

Other external charges


The 1415666


8*30*30+8 antibacterial white





8*30*30 +3 magic silk


1862 the bag can hold 28*28cm dish towel


1879 bag can fit 30*30cm dish towel


Bags packing back detail


1886 bag can fit 30* (32-38cm) dish towel



1046 bag can fit 30* (32-38cm) dish towel



Packing OPP plastic bags

The 1415666



Shipping time:
photographing the payment 2-3 day shipping, (except for special circumstances, such as warehouses or temporarily out of stock, delivery storms extreme weather such as snow storm of uncontrollable factors!     ) Our and your mood is the same: the faster the better!
Delivery in most areas of the country are required to relay due to geographical reasons, such as a customer at the specified shipping directly to the delivery at the specified shipping, if not we offer you find shipping shipping freight in cubic counted, tariffs are different.



Please as I signed for, as cannot I signed for of, please told generation received people: prior cargo again signed for, as express not tie, can first signed good word, put express single took in hand Shang, on said let express together for a card, see inside whether made of goods and single Shang match (can said: if sellers made to of is a package stone I certainly cannot received has, this when Express member also on does not again Dodge has) stay finished cargo Hou found didn't problem on put express single back Express member, if has breakage directly put single Shang of name classified off, Back the express--this is refused on the basis that is a normal process of receiving. but if it is a small problem does not affect the use, in the presence of the courier case, call us directly 15336926882, wangwang contact customer service, we will properly deal with it, recognizing the signature which is the default for sound sign, family and friends the doorman signature considered himself a signed receipt.

Evaluation of experience:
Dear buyer, upon receipt of the goods found quality problems or have other dissatisfied, please do not hesitate to contact with us, to communicate, we will answer your questions as soon as possible, we sincerely welcome your comments! We will continue to improve and refine. Absolutely not to give us a bad review! (Blindly regarded as voluntary renunciation of all bad customers service, for the persons to the bad review in our restaurant will exercise the right of complaint), heart to heart communication set up a bridge of friendship between you and me, sincerely wishes to be friends with you


Our firm-default and recommended the use of PayPal transactions, you can guarantee that bilateral trade security, if there is no PayPal or by bank transfer, transfer please notify us in time after confirmation payment and shipping.


Random sender: we hope that they can best meet the selection requirements, but due to the mixed production, in order to reduce out of stock after you condition, we put more styles and colors of goods defined as random ship and has little effect.

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