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Web celebrity hot style qixi LOVE shape full of sweet valentine's day gift pendant pendant accessories manufacturers direct 中文版|

Web celebrity hot style qixi LOVE shape full of sweet valentine's day gift pendant pendant accessories manufacturers direct

Web celebrity hot style qixi LOVE shape full of sweet valentine's day gift pendant pendant accessories manufacturers direct Web celebrity hot style qixi LOVE shape full of sweet valentine's day gift pendant pendant accessories manufacturers direct Web celebrity hot style qixi LOVE shape full of sweet valentine's day gift pendant pendant accessories manufacturers direct Web celebrity hot style qixi LOVE shape full of sweet valentine's day gift pendant pendant accessories manufacturers direct
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  • Updated: 2022-04-26 09:29
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Wangbang accessories
Main Products: Necklace, earrings, bracelet, nail ornament, cast copper products, imitation jade pendants, ear buckles, eardrops, pendants, rings, bracelets
Contacts: wang
Mobile: 86-13516914006
WeChat: 13516914006
Address: 101245 , 1 Street, 1 F, 9 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1) - East.
In order to make members in Wangbang jewelry Co., LTD. Due service, and to avoid the occurrence of unpleasant things. Based on the principles of mutual understanding, fairness and voluntariness, both parties shall abide by the following terms:

I. Wangbang Jewelry Co., Ltd. promises to be responsible for the information directly released by our company. In case of any inconsistency between words and deeds, which directly causes losses to merchants, the website shall bear the responsibility. But refuse to bear the loss caused by the customer's own reasons (such as not looking at the details of the product, product attributes. For example, single pendant is unmatched chain, no packaging box, product size and imagination is not the same, etc.) I hope customers can look and ask more. The product pictures are real pictures, but some of them are from the Internet. The description of each product is accurate, so customers can rest assured to choose. In case of any serious mistake caused by the negligence of this site, we will correct it in time and return and replace the goods free of charge. Strictly check the quality of products, such as quality problems, the company unconditional return of maintenance. Note: The company is only responsible for immediate orders currently confirmed. As the information needs to be updated frequently, if there is any change after the member places an order, we will inform the member in time and the member will decide whether to cancel the order or not.

2. The member shall carefully check the order (price, quantity, specification, etc.) when placing the order. If there is any special requirement, please explain it in time. The delivery address and contact information must be accurate, otherwise the relevant losses caused by this will be borne. Timely payment of orders. If no payment is made within 3 days of the following order, the order will automatically become invalid. Please check the goods (quantity, quality, specification, etc.) upon arrival. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. If there is no problem, please timely confirm the receipt and give five-star praise! Thank you!

If the agreement reached by both parties through other contact means is in conflict with this Clause, it shall be executed as agreed by both parties. Defective goods exchange: within 3-7 days after receiving the goods, if the members find the products with real quality problems. Please contact our company first to make an exchange. Our company will bear the freight for one round trip. Company repair or maintenance: the company will charge related fees separately according to the actual situation. If the reason for the company product quality problems caused by the company responsible for what, unconditionally if accidentally damage to product for the customer, will deal with it according to the requirements of the company to repair, but the postage back and forth will be borne by the customer, if the matter of the cost of servicing and to make up more than $10.00 basic operating costs are borne by the customer.

Details of merchant doubts

A. Product advantages: Our company's ornaments are made of imported soft white copper, environmental copper and silver.

Glossiness is high grade, import German polishing technology, even if cut face is fine, average person also is distinguishable hard. Compared with pure silver process in addition to the huge price difference is the same quality; High quality platinum plating layer, strong thickening silver, plating protective film, long lasting surface color, not easy to fade, anti oxidation, anti allergy. Most of the goods sold online are copper. The pictures on the detail page are the materials described above for reference only, but can be customized.

B. Abundant product lines: spot products, new product guidance and customized requirements

Rich product line is our fundamental, whether hot style or new potential, we can provide our existing inventory to supply merchants. Our company releases new products every month to guide fashionable boutique. Meanwhile, we can flexibly customize products according to any needs of customers. Without excessive requirements, small and medium-sized customers can participate in cooperation.

C. Superior production line: strong productivity, excelsior working procedure and high-end products

Our daily output is more than 1000, at the same time, there are many processing plants, as soon as possible to shorten the production cycle, timely supply. The production of products have more than ten processes, from the product version to factory inspection, every process is necessary, there are strict requirements. Professional high-end accessories, because professional, so focus!

D. Our services: provide effective help to reduce the requirements of wholesale

Simple supply is not our ultimate goal, we try our best to help merchants to sell products quickly, so we specially set up an experienced promotion department to share promotion methods, provide product picture publicity and store design arrangement and other help. Division I can be mixed wholesale, mixed batch threshold is low. A single 100 pieces from the picture to sample custom new!


Processing customized

Relying on its own factory, the company provides customized personalized processing and other services for customers
Merchants only need to provide product samples or clear pictures of product details and relevant sizes, and we can customize the processing according to these.
Our company will estimate and verify the products according to customers' customized requirements.
During the production, merchants need to pay the mold fee in advance, ranging from 0 to 200 yuan. Our company is communicating with and verifying the samples from the inverted mold, and our company is implementing the production.
For large customized orders, merchants should pay 20-50% of the start-up capital in advance according to the customized quantity before production
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