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  • Meirixiandai High-quality Daily Necessities Firm
    Main Products: Japan KM creative home goods, brush, sticky hooks, silica gel, clean cloth, high quality, new strange, Japanese Home Furnishing commodity packaging
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  • Eric Zhuang
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Shop No.34418, Street5, Floor2, Gate No.1, MarketInternational Trade Mart (District 4).
Introduction: KM factory product development, design, production and marketing services, products exported to Japa ... more

  • Introduction: KM factory product development, design, production and marketing services, products exported to Japan, and Korea, Southeast Asia, and throughout the country. A complete management system, main products are: cleaning products, storage products, kitchen supplies, laundry detergent, baby supplies, bathroom supplies, hooking, and so on. KM product range there are more than 800 species, outside Japan packaging, the quality is impeccable. Our plastic raw materials using modern technologies to be modified, improved, and produce various high grade household goods. Where: ① the product's ability to withstand intense light exposure without fading 3 times times; II the product's ability to withstand the wind and rain to sunlight does not become brittle twice times, significant increase in product life c products do not become brittle at low temperature-resistant up to a temperature of-25 ℃ and high temperature deformation. Above similar products in a leading position, and in Japan, such as advanced manufacturing countries occupy a lot of market share. Companies rely on the abundant technical force and strength, and to win the market with excellent quality and service. Integrity, pioneering and pragmatic, customer first is our service tenet. Off-the-shelf products online is not complete, needs more product, please call: 13454938999
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