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Fluorescent glow ring Halloween Halloween Christmas concert glow toys 中文版
Fluorescent glow ring Halloween Halloween Christmas concert glow toys Fluorescent glow ring Halloween Halloween Christmas concert glow toys Fluorescent glow ring Halloween Halloween Christmas concert glow toys Fluorescent glow ring Halloween Halloween Christmas concert glow toys
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  • Updated: 2019-03-18 16:24
  • Packing: packed in a bag, a 2,400 bags. Color: red, yellow, blue, green and orange powder, at least 4 colors mix.
EXW Price:
Above 12000pcs   ¥ 0.60 /pc
1200pcs ~11999pcs   ¥ 0.70 /pc
100pcs ~1199pcs   ¥ 1.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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YiwuHengchunToys(LuminescentToys with Fluorescent Rods)
Main Products: Glow stick, music, voice-activated light t-shirt, EL El, LED electronic light cheering props, Flash Toys categories.
Contacts: Tong guijuan
Mobile: 86-17369694448
E-mail: 2735966158@qq.com
WeChat: 13375793631
Address: 2159 A, 7 Street, 1 F, 16 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 1).
Address: No. 2, No. 80, Xujiang Industrial Zone, Jiangdong Street, Yiwu City

Packing: packed in a bag, a 2400 bags.

Color: red, yellow, blue, green and orange powder, at least 4 colors.

1. usage: sticks by plastic pipes and glass pipes fitted with different liquids in two parts, using the sticks lightly bent, broken glass in a plastic tube, gently shake the glass tube and pipe two liquids mixed in, to achieve the best glow effect.
2. the lighting time: light sticks glow for 8 to 24 hours of light is inversely proportional to the length of time and ambient temperature and inversely proportional to the initial brightness.
3. Security: professional organizations: nonpoisonous, harmless, no radiation, non flammable and explosive materials.
4. transport and preservation: glow stick during transport and during storage, you should avoid high-temperature exposure and impact or gravity falls.
5. color: currently available colors are red, yellow, blue, green, pink, Orange, and purchases can be chosen arbitrarily.
6. application: concerts, night clubs, birthdays, parties, weddings, banquets, parties, festivals, celebrations, picnics, camping and so on lighting and decoration; light stick belonging to chemiluminescence, high temperature and radiation-free, without the need for power supply or alternative energy, so it is especially suitable for: diving, rescue, adventure, outdoor, high and dangerous work environments.

Express:Express: our default daily Express, charged postage by express company standards, mixed batch shipping issues or other express delivery please contact customer service for advice. A large quantity of recommended logistics, to save, to pay.                              

On received pieces: goods to sign Shi, please must carefully check package whether has damaged or missing, as has suspicious please refused to sign, and and owner made contact. If please others generation signed, please prior do communication work, once sign on said has recognized, express company on not is responsible for has. to we buyers and sellers of itself interests, please Pro were more tie, signed goods Shi please carefully check.

Return: return criteria--product quality problems had resulted in lack of proper function of the product itself, our return policy, but the shipping charges borne by the buyer (most issues can be adjusted by replacing the battery, the battery position, thread connection ... Simple way to solve and sell toys will be toys). Others, such as poor sales, not as good, not the product itself is the cause of the problem, we do not offer returns well.

Quality of products: hair care products will be issued through the delivery and postpartum, checked multiple times before completely before they are shipped, but uncertainties will lead to loss of product features, we can only guarantee 98% rate 2% fall within the exemption.

Pictures and physical: our picture above 95% for the self timer, can truly reflect the actual product itself, but due to light, shooting pictures and physical levels and other factors that may cause slight differences. Due to changes in market factors such as factory may adjust the color of the product and packaging, packaging etc, please refer to the actual subject.

Transportation is done by the third-party logistics companies, which are beyond our control. Transport is effected by many factors such as weather conditions, traffic arrangements, traffic impact, our and your estimated shipping time is for reference only, not as the contents of a contract, not as a reason for return.

Above terms please read it carefully, with effect from the time of ordering. If there is an objection, please confirm with our staff before ordering.

Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai, the first 6, continued emphasis on 1 Yuan in Anhui, the first 7 Yuan, added weight 3

Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong, Shandong, Tianjin, Beijing, first to 8 added 6

Hebei, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, first 9 added weight 6

Shaanxi, Shanxi, Sichuan, Chongqing, Guangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou, 12 added weight 10

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Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Hainan, added weight, first to 12 Yuan 10 Yuan

Qinghai, Gansu, Ningxia, Inner Mongolia, the first heavy 15 dollar added weight 12

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Xinjiang, Tibet, first 22 added 18

Hong Kong first 22 added 18

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