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SK12D07VG5 toggle switch 中文版

SK12D07VG5 toggle switch

SK12D07VG5 toggle switch SK12D07VG5 toggle switch SK12D07VG5 toggle switch SK12D07VG5 toggle switch
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  • Updated: 2014-07-10 10:18
  • About Product:SK12D07VG5 toggle switch
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Customized processing: Yes Brand: Model: SK12D07VG5
Type: single-pole double-digits Rated thermal current: 0.5 (a) Mechanical life: 50000 (times)
Product certification: ROHS Application: electronic toys

Main technical index


<td style="background-color:white;le="font-size:9pt;font-family:宋体;">耐   :

Operating temperature range :


Rated load :

DC 0.1A 120V

Contact resistance :


AC 500V(50Hz)/min

寿     :

50000 times

Switch consists of the following components through the appropriate process was assembled by:

1. shell (material: iron processing: electroplating nickel or black pot craft processing, thus preventing its oxidation)


2. the plastic handle (material: POM material, such as fire-retardant heat-resistant requirements are often used in PA NYLON processing: injection molding)


3. the Terminal (material: copper; processing: plating silver)


4. insulating plate (material: bakelite; treatment processes: stamping molding)


5. contact chip (material: plain copper processing technology: Silver plating)


6. circular bozhu (materials: usually stainless steel processing technology: nickel plating)


7. the Slingshot (medium: bronze; treatment processes: stamping molding)


8. decoration oil (material: red-green oil oil oil or a, applied to the Terminal and the bottom plate of the contact parts for decoration. General requirements for nontoxic, eco-friendly)

Dip switches overview

Toggle switch via toggle switches make the circuit or disconnected, so as to achieve the purpose of switching circuits. Toggle switch common of varieties has single very double bit, and single very three bit, and double very double bit and double very three bit,, it General for low voltage circuit, has sliding block action flexible, and performance stable reliable of features, toggle switch main widely for: various instrument/instrument equipment, various electric toy, fax, audio equipment, medical equipment, beauty equipment,, other electronic products field!

Scope of application:


1. audio and video products: MP3, MP4, audio;


2. digital products: digital cameras, digital video cameras;


3. communication products: mobile phone, mobile phone, telephone, building devices, PDA, etc;


4. product: Visual interphone, monitors etc;


5. toys: electronic toys, etc;


6. computer products: cameras, etc;


7. fitness equipment: electronic body fat scales, jogging machines;


8. medical devices: blood pressure monitors, thermometers and call systems in hospitals, and so on.

Dip switches using the process of parts

1. Caution chemicals

Toggle switch plate arising out of the use of synthetic resins, such as polycarbonate, so the potentiometers should be avoided exposure to ammonia, amines, aqueous alkali, Sue hydrocarbons, ketones, esters, halocarbons and other chemicals in an atmosphere of intense.

2. Use flux

Should avoid using water soluble flux when soldering or adverse effect in metals and other materials that constitute a toggle switch.

3. Solder

Wiring design and method of soldering lead should be avoided, and molten Tin streaming to the PC Board on the plane, this will cause poor contact.

4. Low-temperature operation

When the product is used in low temperature environment, such as furs, such as a car radio or car stereo, the company provides comfortable products according to customer requirements, when ordering please explained.

5. Sliding handle length

Length is as short as possible (at least 5mm) in the width of the sliding handle a constant situation, sliding handle shorter lengths, feel better, and output points higher, feel worse.

6. Drive arm

Do not make the operation points away from the center line of the sliding handle, for similar reasons, the shorter the distance b between the better.

Toggle switch features

Toggle switch using integrated circuit technology and SMT appearance equipment and manufacture a new generation of photoelectric switches, delay, width, external synchronization, interference-resistant, high reliability and intelligent functions such as regional stability and self-Diagnostics. This novel photoelectric switch is a type of active electro-optical detecting system using pulse modulation electronic switch, used by cold light source with infra-red light, red light, green light and blue light and so on, may be non-contact, no damage quickly and controlling a variety of solid, liquid, transparent, black, soft body and the status and action of substances such as smoke.

Waterproof explosion-proof switch-contact limit switch drive is at low speed, accuracy and easily damaged by contact detection test and the short life span of the shortcomings, short distance of proximity switches and transistors, you cannot directly detect non-metallic materials. New photoelectric switch in overcoming these shortcomings, and small size, function and long service life, high accuracy, fast response time, the detecting distance as well as optical, electrical and magnetic interference resistance ability.

Flip a switch and mechanical specifications of the toggle switch was introduced by toggle switches make the circuit or disconnected, so as to achieve the purpose of switching circuits. Toggle switch commonly used varieties of single-pole double-bit, single-pole, double-pole double-six and to bipolar, and it is generally used for low-voltage circuits, has the characteristics of slider movements are flexible, stable and reliable performance.

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