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Plush toy factory direct electric grind session singing dog walking leash dog dogs 中文版| Report Item
Plush toy factory direct electric grind session singing dog walking leash dog dogs Plush toy factory direct electric grind session singing dog walking leash dog dogs Plush toy factory direct electric grind session singing dog walking leash dog dogs
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  • Updated: 2018-08-30 12:55
  • Electric toy leash dog suit 3, 5th battery, grind can walk sing strings dogs 60 Pack per box, color can be mixed!
EXW Price:
Above 6000pcs   ¥ 21.00 /pc
60pcs ~5999pcs   ¥ 22.00 /pc
10pcs ~59pcs   ¥ 25.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Product name:leash dog leash wearing the dog

Pack: 60 /box,color: pink, white, Brown, Khaki, purple.

Product features: walk on four legs, ass wiggling, singing, characteristic of this dog is control switch you can hold in your hand, like giving us a cute and pretty but not that we need to take care of a pet dog, you can enjoy the pleasure of walking the dog.

Electrical plush toys 3, 5th battery, switch on the hands or feet (in every switch position red music logo). Adorable, bright colors. Products are exported to all over the world, loved by consumers, electric toy made of high quality fabrics, color and bright color, and incorporate internal motor core, acting, music, songs, everything. So that the whole product has plush toys and beautiful shape, soft, comfortable feel, and there are electric toys buzz, people put it down, the product's popularity has been the focus of toys!

Yiwu Xin fan Toy Co has its own powerful design department, we can meet the needs of different customers, you have ideas, images and ideas, or samples we can design for you sample production, commercial operation we have to regulate the flow of products, at very competitive prices, produce satisfactory product for you. Custom-made toys, toy orders, custom toys, toy manufacturing, custom-made gifts, gift orders, Doll Toy orders for custom-made plush toys, stuffed toys, processed, and

Contact me QQ:978823862 411304862 1158685598

Phone:0579-85292837(shop)15957977568 (Miss Wong) 15928988656 (Lin)


  Yiwu Xin sail Toy Co, Ltdwelcome your visit and patronage, our employees constantly strive to innovate products, pays special attention to quality, each of our products have two quality inspection before they go out, hope and every customer becomes a long-term pay. If you have any comments and suggestions please feel free to communicate with us, let us join hands for common development and progress. 主要经营各种玩具电动玩具毛绒玩具稀奇古怪玩具益智玩具填充玩具新奇特玩具娃娃玩具电子电动玩具声控玩具纳米玩具熊猫玩具儿童玩具 节日礼品走路玩具摇头玩具幽默搞笑玩具,电动机械玩具,卡通玩具影视玩具动漫玩具便宜玩具,玩具狗,Joy toys,toys, Yiwu wholesalemarket entities selling stores, meet our customers here!

Special indicate: due toelectric hair velvet toyof particularity, inside of motor core is plastic of, in freight en route extrusion, weight (freight are is than container also big of truck, all of goods are stack with put, we shipping Shi will wrote easy broken products, hopes freight men mercy of) of situation Xia appeared baifenzhiyidaoer of bad products rate is normal range within of, certainly many customer received goods is a are no bad of, has bad of products can in Xia a purchase of when first sent back, We can fix and you need to send you the goods back, this question of transportation to buy goods brought back when most of the customers, so the freight shipped to bear down. Does not mean that the quality of our problems we don't even cover the shipping costs, mainly because we are factory direct, a box of goods also don't make much money. So if you are unhappy with this and we really can do. If we raise the price of each product2-3, we can do for you.

You are satisfied with our products, then please give us praise, Oh! We need your support!

  If you don't know or don't understand something the product feel free to contact us and we'll help you out, never, give us with negative feedback, we really can't afford to hurt Oh! Thank you all!


  About shipping: in our stores or website order list is the need to push back delivery of the day, because distribution takes time, and temporary order ship to foreign trade. Is the distribution issue today is yesterday's list, which also will be able to count the items needed by the customer. 60we are logistics, freight is cheaper, Zhejiang and Shanghai are typically10a few dollars a box, some distance in the city30-50about it, is the logistics needs its own door-to-door delivery. Normally less than a whole box of us express, shunfeng, yuantong can. Freight or to pay, but Courier shipping rates will be much higher than the logistics Oh! It is recommended that clients can best buy a box, you can also consult our perennial which is selling more, into something more.

Yiwu Xin fan toys Ltd was established on2012year, Yi Wu Wenhong toy is one of us, Yi Wu Wenhong toys, because this name is already registered does not come down, so I can assure customers buying, nothing has changed in our products and services! Thank you for your support!

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