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Supply 24 inch plastic doll music doll barbie doll doll 中文版| Report Item
Supply 24 inch plastic doll music doll barbie doll doll Supply 24 inch plastic doll music doll barbie doll doll Supply 24 inch plastic doll music doll barbie doll doll
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  • Updated: 2019-02-28 16:36
  • The dolls, doll, doll
EXW Price:
Above 240pcs   ¥ 26.00 /pc
30pcs ~239pcs   ¥ 27.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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The main products of ordinary doll series, intelligent dialogue dolls series, induction doll series, electric doll series, plush toys series, plush toys, baby doll accessories series. Tianshu unique product design, delicate touch, diverse styles.

Product description ========================= ==========================

Name 24 inch 2025A-49 blue music simulation doll Company A
Size about: Height of about 56 cm, sitting height of about 40 cm Weight about: 0.9kg
Texture of material No gum / D PP cotton Packing OPP bag (box another 3 yuan a )
Packing: 24pcs/ box Intended for 3 years old or above
Using method: abdominal squeezer gently squeeze doll doll will be issued moving singing
Product features: The technology of the separation of the doll and the sound box is adopted, which has the characteristics of ordinary doll and intelligent doll, and reduces the damage in the transportation process.
after-sale service: 1, within 2 days of receipt, if found quality problems, we provide a replacement service (freight charges ) . Please contact customer service staff as soon as possible after the above sales terms, expired not to deal with.
2, such as after the problem is found, we can supply depot repair (freight charges)

single product packaging color box specifications: 24 cm*15cm*50cm packaging box additional +3.0

FCL specifications: 83 cm*42cm*60cm (without box)

83cm*40cm*70cm ( plus box)

1. Q. first take goods toy Tianshu, minimum much a quantitative ?

A: a box on the . The style is the same style, mixed color. (conventional 18 box)

2. asked: if you need to specify the order of Tianshu toy factory products, MOQ is how many boxes?

Answer: 5 box set.
3. asked: a box of goods inside, I can pick a different series of styles?

A : best FCL styles are is a series of, because different series toys electronic movement is not the same, installed together easily damaged.

4 . : music can be customized ?

A : guests with music 500 above can be customized, but prices will appropriate higher (see products music time) 25 seconds probably add a piece of money to the left and right sides without opening 10 days can be shipped.
5. Q: guarantee the quality of your products?

A : electronic products or electric products will have a certain degree of damage rate, so our factory's products are hand detection, to ensure that the factory products are good. The occasional in the transport process will damage rate is very small, normal one thousandth of the probability, such as damage to the product can free maintenance and replacement (except some specific electric products outside ) . Do you only need to pay the return shipping.

6 . asked: to buy products, how to deal?

Answer: Yiwu Tianshu toy factory support Alipay or direct bank remittance . The details are as follows:

ABC card number: 62284-6038-00068-06418 Name: Wu Hongjun

7 . asked: can direct cash on delivery?

no.. The company had taken does not pay the deposit, but some customers after we shipped suddenly changed his mind and cancel the order, we have to combine the goods and then check back, so we lost in vain on both sides of the freight. Therefore, the company do goods to the payment

8 . asked: goods in what way into my hand?

A. We generally use the logistics company, these companies for the highway transportation, freight is relatively cheap point and need to their own local delivery pickup point. (need to send the specified logistics company, to explain in advance)

9 . Q: I in * * province x x City, delivered to my door? and freight?

express: (answer: as long as the express in your local is set up, they can be door-to-door. ) highway logistics (general domestic large and medium-sized city highway logistics can be to get to , accurate time and freight to consulting logistics company, can I plant help you asked about the.

10 . asked: how much freight? Who bear the freight ?

answer: because the freight company is calculated according to the freight cargo freight volume, so different different. General to all over the country to the city of freight price in RMB 100-200 yuan between / cubic meters. You can be based on the length and width of the parameter list, then multiply the unit price. Freight paid by the buyer to the freight company in the delivery. (Yiwu freight is the bottom, generally not higher than other places, please rest assured that )

The following pictures are real (product took picture and details)






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