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VEYEPA1000 micro electric hoist 20 meters wire rope 220V micro electric hoist 中文版
VEYEPA1000 micro electric hoist 20 meters wire rope 220V micro electric hoist VEYEPA1000 micro electric hoist 20 meters wire rope 220V micro electric hoist VEYEPA1000 micro electric hoist 20 meters wire rope 220V micro electric hoist
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  • Updated: 2020-04-24 09:51
  • PA1000 wire rope electric hoist, full copper motor, single hook can lift 500kg, double hook can lift 1000kg
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Above 1pcs   ¥ 680.00 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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Processing customization: yes Weight: 1000 Model: PA1000
Lifting height :6/12 Type: wire rope electric hoist Brand: KOIO
Protection grade :IP40 Input power :1600w Color: red

Wire rope miniature electric hoist


Scope of application:

It is mainly used for lifting small goods under 1000kg on various occasions, especially for residents of high-rise buildings, which can easily lift heavy living articles from downstairs.


PAFeatures of mini electric hoist:

1. Exquisite design and convenient use;

2. Protection grade IP40, with thermal protection device;

3. The hook design is divided into dynamic loading and static loading.

4. Use single-phase electricity as the power source, 220V household power can be operated;

5, with light wick socket;

6. 360° universal hook pad with safety hook lock;

7. With emergency stop switch and forced disconnection limit switch: for example, when the steel wire rope is lifted in reverse, the lifting motor will stop automatically; When the limit baffle touches the limit, the electric hoist automatically stops lifting.


PAParameters of mini electric hoist:


Product model Make a way Rated lifting weight (kg) Hoisting speed(m/min) Hoisting height(m) The input power(w) Rated high voltage(v)
PA200 Single hook 100 10 12 510 Single phase200 v ~ 50 hz
double 200 5 6
PA250 Single hook 125 10 12 550
double 250 5 6
PA300 Single hook 150 10 12 600
double 300 5 6
PA400 Single hook 200 10 12 850
double 400 5 6
PA500 Single hook 250 10 12 1000
double 500 5 6
PA600 Single hook 300 10 12 1150
double 600 5 6
PA800 Single hook 400 10 12 1450
double 800 5 6
PA1000 Single hook 500 10 12 1800
double 1000 5 6

Note: the maximum lifting weight of PA type electric hoist can only be met under the condition of wire rope folding.

That must be used with a single pulley box. A single wire rope can lift only half the weight.

Below is our own illustration of how to fold a wire rope.

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