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Green Leaf Ant Environmental protection Ant bait anti-yellow Black Red Ant powder Particles Anti-ant specific 中文版|

Green Leaf Ant Environmental protection Ant bait anti-yellow Black Red Ant powder Particles Anti-ant specific

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  • Updated: 2022-08-22 14:00
  • About Product:Green Leaf Ant Environmental protection Ant bait anti-yellow Black Red Ant powder Particles Anti-ant specific
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Cotton swab, toothpicks, essential balm. Cool and refreshing oil. Safflower oil. White oil. Mosquito. Mosquito repellent incense. Mosquito tablets. Mosquitocide Qing. The glue rat board. A band aid. Disposable masks.
Contacts: Chen Feilong
Mobile: 86-13806792991
WeChat: 13957958570
Address: 35136 , 1 Street, 2 F, 81 Gate, International Trade Mart (District 4).
Product category: Rodent/pesticide Brand: Luye Item no: B209
Whether it contains incense or not: Yes Object: ants Toxicity: Microtoxicity
Form: Solid state Specification: 8.9 * 7 cm Model number: Ant medicine
Origin: Beijing Quantity in cases :1000 Patent type: utility model patent
The patent number: 697465164684 Patent source: Yes Whether to import: No


Wholesale instructions


I. Order rules:

1, we always pursue the lowest wholesale concept of the whole network, the price is the actual wholesale price, support mixed batch, unlimited quantity, can place an order can be shipped. Click \"Confirm the order\", the system will automatically calculate the Courier fees, and you can see the specific Courier company charges. Customers who need to send the logistics, please contact us to change the freight there to 0, the logistics cost of sending the logistics is to pay at the destination, pick up the goods themselves. Because at present, we cannot choose whether to send the goods by ourselves or express delivery when placing an order in Ali, our system sets the default delivery mode.

2, Yiwu small commodities, one price one goods. I hope you can view the product introduction and pictures with abstract thinking. The products are constantly improved and upgraded, and some of the product pictures are processed by artists. If you are looking for a product from a specific manufacturer, please contact us for physical confirmation before placing an order.

3. If the product has options to choose the color, we will deliver the goods according to the order. There is no color option, which is usually delivered randomly. The random delivery is based on the color of our warehouse.

4. Please take full advantage of the \"Leave a message to the Seller\" to note your special requirements. We try our best to meet the requirements, so that the warehouse can also see the notes, so as not to send wrong goods, wrong logistics and so on


Ii. Delivery Rules:

1. We mainly deliver goods in two ways. It is not suggested to send the goods by express. Goods multiple logistics cost-effective, but is to pick up goods to the logistics company, generally not very convenient. The default zhongtong express Courier, flow line checked by default, every day there are a lot of yiwu to truck across the country, as long as it is and yiwu trade relatively developed areas have direct truck, the shipping company will call the goods after the arrival of the goods, even if there is no direct cargo car wing the shipping company will arrange truck the goods transfer themselves. The direct shipping fee for a piece of goods is about 30 yuan, and the transit fee is about 20 yuan for the transit place.

2. Delivery within 1-2 days after payment, except for special circumstances. Due to the imperfect background of Ali, the specific delivery time shall be subject to the scanning record, and the \"click to deliver\" shall be subject to the later stage. The logistics shall be subject to the update of the logistics item number and telephone.

3. For designated logistics, please be sure to \"leave a message to the seller\". Note the phone number and address in Yiwu.

4, the direct place generally about three or four days of arrival, need to transfer the place about one or two days later. Except for special circumstances. The details are subject to the actual arrival, which is beyond our control. We can specify the logistics if we have requirements on the arrival time.

5. The specific delivery address shall be subject to the notice of the shipping company. If the delivery is inconvenient, logistics can be designated or express can be sent.

6. We can also specify logistics delivery according to customers, such as Deppon, Jiaji, Xinbang, Tiandi Huayu. But the freight is more expensive.


3. After-sales rules
1. Timely feedback the product information and receiving information (fragile and pressure-sensitive, lack of goods, actual receipt) within 3 days after receipt (subject to the date of receipt of the waybill), and the delay shall not be accepted. Once verified, the false report will not be accepted.
2. If any product with quality problems, such as functional failure, is found within 7 days of receipt (subject to the date of receipt of the waybill), please contact us in time, otherwise it will not be accepted.
3. No matter whether the outer packing case is damaged or not, the customer shall open it for inspection when receiving the goods. If the product is damaged due to transportation problems or other quality problems, please ask the relevant transportation company to issue a certificate with fresh seal, and provide this certificate to us, so that we can assist the customer to claim.
4. If the goods are returned without quality problems due to dissatisfaction or non-likeness, the goods will not be accepted.
5, all quality problems return of goods, please accumulate more than 5 kilograms of return, return of freight by our company (rejected deppon, Jiaji and other expensive logistics return, return method please contact and negotiate with after-sales customer service), if the customer insisted on return, freight charges, after all is to do mixed batch is not retail, please understand each other!


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