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Phone screen 3d video with large screen 3d video hd 3d camera magnifier
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  • Updated: 2018-10-17 11:47
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The peripheral fittings of mobile phone on market now, gift is very limited, it is earphone commonly, small acoustics, charge bag to wait. \"Big screen on mobile phone\" is the most popular creative product in the current mobile phone market. With the popularity of smart phone, more and more people will use it to surf the Internet and watch movies. Because the phone's screen is too small to be comfortable, long viewing can be harmful to the eyes. This product has completely solved the small problem of mobile phone screen.

Main features:
A; Fresnel high definition optical technology can enlarge the picture in the phone three times, the picture is clear and lifelike, the dynamic feeling is stronger! .
2. The product is simple in shape, generous, light in weight, small in size, easy to carry around, suitable for use in various occasions - indoor, camping, travel, leisure time, etc.
Three; Adopt hd amplification optical technology, no power drive, no cost, energy saving and environmental protection.
Four; The product structure USES a lot of innovative technology (has been patented by the state), simple, hard hit, can be suitable for various types of mobile phone use.
Five; Especially watching 3D mobile phone movies, more 3D effect! More can be used as a traditional magnifying glass, because of its larger area, more suitable for the elderly reading, reading newspapers, reading news online.
As a mobile phone accessories or promotional gifts, \"mobile phone display screen\" is one of the most competitive creative products in the current market.















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