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3D printing and flocking flocking embossed rubber carpet mats 中文版|
3D printing and flocking flocking embossed rubber carpet mats 3D printing and flocking flocking embossed rubber carpet mats 3D printing and flocking flocking embossed rubber carpet mats
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  • Updated: 2016-11-25 14:39
  • About Product:CCDT carpet, 3D surface relief flocking material, is arranged at the bottom of the rubber bottom, the thickness of the product is 1cm. 45*75 60*90 60*120 three size ten kinds of patterns can be mixed, take 5. Mixed need can contact customer service.
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Chengcheng carpet

brand: CCDT

commodity name: European flocking rubber cushion

Product size: 45cm*75cm 60cm*90cm 60cm*120

material: surface relief flocking bottom is wear-resisting rubber

The number of goods: 15/ 10/ 5

thickness: 10mm

Product features: Naizang skid resistant and easy to clean

washing: wash dry cleaner

purchased Purchase information

1. manufacturers supply genuine

direct manufacturers, primary sources, stocked, quality guaranteed.

2. about the size

size measurement and manual measurement, because of different measurement methods and other factors, there will be 1-2CM error.

3. on the color

pictures taken in kind, by the display of the harmony will have a slight difference, try to make the product map and real close

4. about customer service

11:00 online customer service 9:00- in the morning afternoon, if the problem can contact customer service, such as for special reasons can not timely reply, can call 18957991795/15167999707 (WeChat)


5. about customer service

factory direct sales, to ensure genuine

6. on the delivery

we default to go through courier, Zhejiang Beijing Tianjin Shandong Guangxi Fujian Hebei Lu also can go in through courier. Take logistics please contact customer service or call 15167999707 we will save every penny for you, O (a _ U) O

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