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Haige PVC Chinese and English globe, teaching globe, large and medium sized globe. 中文版|
Haige PVC Chinese and English globe, teaching globe, large and medium sized globe. Haige PVC Chinese and English globe, teaching globe, large and medium sized globe.
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  • Updated: 2018-11-07 09:07
  • About Product:Product category: office culture and teaching function: teaching demonstration and display products are customized: applicable scope: teaching application scenario: teaching demonstration; Exhibit specifications :10.6 blue,14.2 blue,20 blue,25 blue,32 blue.
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Manufacturer sells sea song PVC globe.

Shape beautiful and generous, 365 degrees rotation, easy to display, applicable to.

Office study teaching


Language: Chinese It can be done: Arabic and Spanish. Contact customer service or contact details.


 Directions: it is a necessary instrument for geography teaching.


   The topographic globe is primarily a reflection of the world's geographical location, topography, rivers, mountains, oceans, plateaus, hills, basins, deserts, lakes, and the distribution of current.




Assembly: place the bracket on the pedestal and then gently turn it into the seat.


Size: 10.6, color box size: 112X112X120, product size: 110X110X170 weight: 112g.

       Diameter: 14.2, color box size: 147X147X160.,Product size: 145X145X240. Weight: 232 g

       Diameter: 20, color box size: 205X205X208.,Product size: 205X205X305. Weight: 468 g

       Diameter: 25, color box size: 255X255X285.,Product size: 255X255X350. Weight: 830 g

       Diameter: 32, color box size: 325X325X335.,Product size: 325X325X455. Weight: 1326 g


Use and protection:


1. When used, you can dial the sphere by hand and rotate freely.


2. Do not expose the sphere to the stolen goods and sharp instruments.


3. Do not place the globe in the strong light to prevent fading.


4. If the surface of the sphere is stained, use a soft cloth to wipe it with water, and do not wipe it with a chemical solvent.


5. If the surface of the surface of the spherical surface is warped by touching, it can be cocked with glue.


6. After use, cover the film cover for protection.


Political globe, reflect on earth the distribution of land, sea, rivers, lakes, mainly reflect the division of administrative areas, the world and its capital, capital, the geographical location of big cities. In addition, there are major railway lines and navigation lines.


. The product consists of a sphere and a bracket.
2. The diameter of the sphere is 320 plus or minus 5mm, and the plane scale is 1:40 million.
3. The ball can rotate freely through the earth's axis and can stop in any position.
4. Sphere as a round, the earth's axis Angle is 66.5 °, and perpendicular to the equatorial plane.
5. The ball should be moisture-proof and coated with varnish. No cracks, wrinkles, bubbles and peeling surfaces.
6. The teaching demonstration effect is obvious.
7. It conforms to the relevant regulations of jy58-80 \"global technical conditions\".
8. The relevant provisions of JY0001-2003 \"general quality requirements for teaching instruments\".


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