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Jie tai stripe double carpet anti-slip floor mat hotel corridor porch porch MATS customized 中文版|
Jie tai stripe double carpet anti-slip floor mat hotel corridor porch porch MATS customized Jie tai stripe double carpet anti-slip floor mat hotel corridor porch porch MATS customized Jie tai stripe double carpet anti-slip floor mat hotel corridor porch porch MATS customized
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  • Updated: 2019-04-04 11:35
  • About Product:Material: polypropylene (pp) fiber fabrics, the main ingredients: polypropylene (pp) fiber fabrics, the main component content: 91% (including) to 100% (excluding). Brand: LQ/LeQi source category: ChengPinHuo number: jt-405-style: contemporary and aspirational shape: rectangle process: weaving machine processing custom: pattern is: pure color for space: other/other sales way: Clean type (yuan/flat) clean type: can be washed by hand carpet mat categories: carpet color: bright red, dark red, grey, size: 0.9m * 15m wide (volume), 1.2m * 15m (volume), 0.9m * 1m (volume)
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The product name:Jai's carpet with double stripes

Product features:

1, high-density pultrusion carpet surface anti-skid,PVCThe bottom makes the carpet last longer.

2Dust and moisture of sand - absorbing material can keep the ground clean and beautiful, improve air quality and improve sound insulation.

3, quality is good, carpet is the material of soft sex shop outfit, not easy slippery fall knock, prevent slippery sex is good, have children in the home, old person to wait especially important

4The product is safe, non-toxic and easy to clean. Customers are welcome to buy it

5The product design is simple and elegant, suitable for various occasions such as hotels, shopping malls, hotels, office buildings and conference halls

Friendly tips:


1. Due to the problem of lighting and Angle of shooting, there will be some slight color difference in the product. The new user can contact and confirm the sample first.


2. We will timely update the price changes of the products caused by the raw materials. The prices of the products released do not include taxes or freight.


3.As the goods are heavy in weight, they will be sent to the general logistics department and the buyer will bear the freight. The speed of logistics is not under our control. We cannot ask for refund or refund on the basis of logistics speed.

Our factory can provide logistics information at any time. If you have urgent items, you can send them to deppon logistics or sf fung. Contact customer service for details. Thank you for your cooperation.
















Principle of carpet selection


(1) the principle of uniform standard and style of carpet selection and decoration


  Any project, whether new, old or refurbished, is planned and standardized. All this is what you choose category, grade, color, pattern is the benchmark of carpet, also only adhere to the standard style with choosing carpet of unity, to make your project perfect, achieve the goal of the icing on the cake.


(2) the principle of carpet selection by region


  Taking hotel engineering as an example, the hotel is composed of several different areas, including guest rooms, corridors, elevator halls, restaurants, conference rooms, reception rooms, office areas and entertainment areas. Due to the different functions of these areas, there are also different flows of people and cars. It is quiet is noisy, it is cold is warm, in order to adapt the particularity of area, the choice of carpet of each area must be echo with it, namely adaptation problem. 


(3) the principle of carpet selection and external environment adaptation


  What kind of external environment you are in has great restraint to you to choose carpet. Annual average rainfall, the average temperature, outdoor temperature, humidity, air quality and health are so green consideration, do not take these factors into consideration, can bring a lot of trouble to carpet in use process. For example, in the winter of Harbin in recent half a year, the city is very clean, but the ice and snow on the feet of the guests melt as soon as they enter the hotel, causing a lot of pollution to the corridor and guest room carpets. Shanxi is a large province of coal production, with tiny and even invisible dust brought into the hotel along with the shoes of the visitors, bringing difficulties to the carpet cleaning. Therefore, when the external environment is special, more consideration should be given to the uniformity of carpet category and environment.


(4) carpet selection adheres to the principle of comparing goods with goods


  Whether imported or domestic carpet, carpet manufacturers will be due to the difference of the equipment, material selection, the difference of the processing technology and management level, etc., caused the final products, varieties, quality, design and color, price and service. Through the product to the manufacturer's choice may use the sample comparison, the information data analysis, inspects the enterprise to complete and so on the way, achieves the carpet to choose the best and obtains the service better the goal.



How do you clean the carpet


1. The carpet which is partially polluted by ink and ink should be rubbed with rice in time, then washed with neutral detergent, and finally cleaned with semi-wet towel.

2. Dirty the carpet with red ink immediately with alcohol, and then clean it with neutral detergent.

3. The old ink stain on the carpet is soaked through with milk first and then washed repeatedly with a brush.

4. The carpet can be cleaned with banana water or the corresponding diluent of paint, and then cleaned with carpet cleaning agent.

5. The soiled carpet with tea and coffee can be applied with glycerin to the contaminated place, and then cleaned with detergent after the stain softens. 

6. Soya sauce, vinegar, milk, cream and other contaminated carpets shall be cleaned with clean water after first sucking away the stolen goods with dry cloth, then rubbing them with alcohol. 

7. The carpet can be washed repeatedly with 8% ammonia water and then cleaned with neutral carpet detergent.


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