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Wolf head hat teeth necklace, hidden wind, factory direct 中文版

Wolf head hat teeth necklace, hidden wind, factory direct

Wolf head hat teeth necklace, hidden wind, factory direct Wolf head hat teeth necklace, hidden wind, factory direct Wolf head hat teeth necklace, hidden wind, factory direct Wolf head hat teeth necklace, hidden wind, factory direct
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  • Updated: 2021-07-07 14:25
  • About Product:Name: imitation shell necklace material: acrylic, wax rope, wood beads chain length about 30cm (manual measurement error, please take the actual product as the standard) packaging: Card +PP bag simple packaging quantity: 12 / dozen, 10 dozen batch, support mixed batch!
EXW Price:
12pcs ~1199pcs   CN ¥ 0.65 /pc
Above 1200pcs   CN ¥ 0.6 /pc
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Alloy jewelry,imitation beef bone necklace,imitation beef bone bracelet,alloy key chain,mobile phone chain,pendant,decoration and other ethnic jewelry crafts.
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Name: imitation shell necklaceMaterial: acrylic, wax rope, wood beads, etc   Chain length about30 cm(there is an error in the manual measurement, please refer to the actual product) packaging: card+ PPNumber of simple bags:12a/Play,10Dozen start batch, support mix batch!

Sales show: the shop for manufacturers direct wholesale, support mixed batch or custom, each product a dozen(12a)Minimum of 10 dozen for a single transaction.

Buyers requirements: before purchase, please carefully check the product description, such as material, color, size, etc., please do not understand and imagine the item from your own point of view. All commodity pictures are taken in kind. However, due to differences in production batches, shooting light Angle, display color deviation and other aspects, there may be some color difference between the real object and the picture, and the real object shall prevail in the end. Please contact us to confirm the source of goods before taking the photo. If the photo brings you any inconvenience, please kindly understand.

After-sales service: the store supports seven-day return and replacement service, and does not provide return and replacement for non-quality problems. If the goods have quality problems, return and replacement should ensure the integrity of the goods. The postage caused by the reason of the store shall be borne by the store, and the postage caused by the reason of the buyer shall be borne by the buyer. Please return or replace the goods without postage collect, the warehouse will refuse to accept.

Score evaluation: we attach great importance to your every comment! After you receive the goods, if you are satisfied with our goods, please remember to give a good comment, your encouragement is the motivation for our hard work! If you have any questions about our products, please do not confirm receipt and evaluation first, contact us to negotiate timely, we will try our best to meet your reasonable requirements, your satisfaction is our biggest wish!

Special remind: please check your contact information again after you have purchased the goods. The buyer should be responsible for sending the wrong information to the wrong place. Please keep the phone clear after payment and delivery, so as to facilitate the Courier to deliver the goods in time. When receiving the goods, please be sure to open the box and confirm the receipt in the presence of the Courier. If you sign on the express bill, it will be regarded as if you think the goods are in good condition. If you find any problem with the goods, please contact us by phone on the express bill immediately.

About logisticsOur shop has low profit, no price and no free delivery. After patting the general payment24Delivery within hours, in case of special reasons or legal holidays postponed will promptly notify the buyer. Postage is charged according to the actual, default delivery yuantong, yunda express, if you need to send sf express and other express please inform in advance, remote areas can only be sentEMSOr letters.

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