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  • Xian gensujiao
    Main Products: Basins, cups, lunch boxes, stools, trash can, hanger, bath tub, storage box, plastic articles of daily use
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  • Contacts: Li xiangen
  • Mobile: 18958484169
  • Mobile2: 18958484169
  • WeChat: 18958484169
  • Tel: 57981546591
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Shop No. 34489 , Street8, Floor2, Gate No.1, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4).
Introduction: Factory direct sales, engaged in plastic products industry for more than 10 years, welcome new and o ... more

  • Introduction: Factory direct sales, engaged in plastic products industry for more than 10 years, welcome new and old customers to buy. Our products are wholesale at low prices, postage is not included, large quantities can be negotiated. The minimum order quantity of each product is 1 piece (not the whole piece is not issued), the default logistics (low freight, self-lift, large quantity can contact the logistics home delivery), the freight of jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai is about 5-10 yuan/piece, logistics costs in other regions can be yiwu purchase consultation or telephone contact, to help you confirm, for your reference. If you have designated logistics, please note the logistics information when placing the order, thank you. We can also send express on behalf of you. The cost of jiangsu, zhejiang and Shanghai express is about 20-35 yuan/piece. Please feel free to contact us for further information. Our store has a small profit and high volume of sales. Fragile goods are labeled on the outer boxes of the delivered products. If the products are damaged in the process of transportation (the probability of damage is very small), please contact us. Our store supports mixed batch. You can enjoy the wholesale price of up to 10 pieces of each product if the total order quantity is more than or equal to 10 pieces. Please contact the customer service to change the price before payment. Welcome to the shop to buy, xiagen plastic adhering to the customer first business philosophy, to provide you with high-quality shopping experience.
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