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  • Yiwu Jienuo Electronics
    Main Products: night lamp, reading lamp, cigarette case, travel plug, bluetooth headset, light-emitting toys, head band, glow stick, glow ball, waterproof camera, infrared electronic dog
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Shop No. 73333 , Street8, Floor1, Gate No.94, Market International Trade Mart.
Introduction: Yiwu jeno's electronic co., LTD is a professional engaged in electronic products and accessories des ... more

  • Introduction: Yiwu jeno's electronic co., LTD is a professional engaged in electronic products and accessories design, development, packaging and sales through-train services, products up to more than 3000) in the (also continue to expand, not only design is more and more fine products; The quality, price and service of the company's products have an absolute competitive advantage in the world, with annual sales volume reaching over 40 million yuan. My company's main customers are foreign wholesalers, the domestic foreign trade companies, gift companies, shopping malls supermarkets, large domestic wholesalers, all products are bulk shipment, and do our products in addition to the star of \"jie\" \"JOHNYSTAR\" \"djembe\" gree \"have to\" \"KINGBETTER don\" \"\" Iraq\" best \"and other independent brands, at the same time to global customers OEM all kinds of electronic products and accessories, including design, mould and screen printing, color printing and other processing operations; Won the global customer's welcome and the consistent support! Our company has applied for more than 200 patents, some products have been approved successfully! Jno culture: open sharing, pioneering and innovative; Jno's vision: to be one of the top 10 e-commerce brands within 10 years and build a century-old enterprise; The core values of genuo: creating value for customers, promoting growth for employees and contributing to the society; Integrity, pragmatism, innovation; Jno's mission: to create value for customers, promote growth for employees, and promote harmony for the society. Business philosophy of genuo: service creates value; Fundamental values of genol: teamwork spirit; Genor's slogan: no excuses, act now; No excuses, perfect execution; I am confident in the future.
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