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  • Flower decoration

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    Main Products: Jewelry headdress necklace earrings ring ear studs hair band headband Cup umbrella hair band sweater chain beauty tools children wig
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Shop No. 67269 , Street3, Floor4, Gate No.South connected building, Markets International Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: 花花饰界是2元至多元饰品配送中心,主营头饰类:抓夹,水钻抓夹,发夹,水钻发夹,皇冠,头箍,对价,一字夹,压夹,BB夹,插梳,香蕉夹,头扎,发带水钻夹,假发,头花。饰品类:项链,脚链,耳钉,耳环,戒指。还有口罩,袖套,袜子,手套,热水袋,日用品等等。花花饰界坐落在全球有名的小商品城义乌,国际商贸城五... more

  • Introduction: 花花饰界是2元至多元饰品配送中心,主营头饰类:抓夹,水钻抓夹,发夹,水钻发夹,皇冠,头箍,对价,一字夹,压夹,BB夹,插梳,香蕉夹,头扎,发带水钻夹,假发,头花。饰品类:项链,脚链,耳钉,耳环,戒指。还有口罩,袖套,袜子,手套,热水袋,日用品等等。花花饰界坐落在全球有名的小商品城义乌,国际商贸城五区小商品配送中心94号门4楼11街67612-67613 10街67599-67598店,全部商品厂家直销,欢迎新老客户的光临!联系电话:18367966258 18257806836 联系人:卢小姐 QQ:2253210429
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