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Factory Wholesale Jiangzhou Brand Environmental Protection 5752 Model White Latex Strong Glue PVC Glue Gift Box Glue 中文版

Factory Wholesale Jiangzhou Brand Environmental Protection 5752 Model White Latex Strong Glue PVC Glue Gift Box Glue

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  • Updated: 2020-12-15 20:16
EXW Price:
1pcs ~999pcs   CN ¥ 13 /pc
Above 1000pcs   CN ¥ 12 /pc
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White latex,sealing glue,jelly glue,clear glue,furniture glue,compound glue,gold powder glue,etc
Contacts: Luo LongshengChat
Mobile: 86-13857964388
Address: 20873 , 2 F, Yiwu Production Material Market.
Address: No. 3 Workshop, No. 31, GE Xian Road, Fotang Town, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province (Self-Declaration)

I. Product name: 5752A strong glue

II. Main ingredients: the emulsion formed by the polymerization of various monomer of this product and a variety of imported resin.

III. Application: This product is used for processing color printing paper products, such as color box, leather filling paper, etc. More suitable for PVC, ABS, aluminum sheet and MDF (medium density fiberboard) board adhesive 4. Characteristics 1. Adhesive film high tensile strength, inner height increase good plasticity, strong flexibility, smooth and delicate gum, easy to clean, with flame retardant fire resistance. This product is water-soluble adhesive, non-toxic and non-combustible. The storage time can be up to one year. 2. This product is an environment-friendly product, does not contain formaldehyde, and is equipped with environmental protection test reports conforming to EU standards.

5. Usage: apply the glue evenly on the bonded surface, cool for 2 minutes to fit, and press slightly for 3-5 minutes. ABS、PVC、 aluminum sheet and MDF (medium density fiberboard) board need to be pressed for 6 hours or more

6. Storage conditions: sealed, stored in a cool warehouse, sun protection.

VII. Packing specification: 50kg plastic bottle lining membrane bag. VI. Technical indicators: external view: milky white liquid solid content: 55% PH value: 6.0~7.0





Now the company is located in Buddhist Hall, Yiwu city, hot pillow welcome new and old friends to inquire and negotiate.

Deng manager: 13857961709
luo Mr.: 13857964388
company direct sales hotline: hot sale


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