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Wig Packing Bag Wig Non-Woven Outer Packing Bag Golden Pink Wig Packing Bag 中文版
Wig Packing Bag Wig Non-Woven Outer Packing Bag Golden Pink Wig Packing Bag Wig Packing Bag Wig Non-Woven Outer Packing Bag Golden Pink Wig Packing Bag Wig Packing Bag Wig Non-Woven Outer Packing Bag Golden Pink Wig Packing Bag
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  • Updated: 2020-11-06 10:42
  • Mobile phone: 13757886816 QQ:764630366 main products: non-woven bag, multifilm non-woven bag, laser film Non-woven bag, folding wallet non-woven bag, nonwoven fabric garment bag, cotton bag, canvas bag, apron, complex membrane woven bag, thermal transfer non-woven bag, coated non-woven fabric bag, environmentally friendly gift bag, non-woven fabric blanket bag, non-woven fabric quilt bag, Oxford fabric bag, PVC packing bag, plastic cloth bag, folding backpack, non-woven drawstring pouch, non-woven clothing bag cloth bag, various advertising packing bags and other series.
EXW Price:
Above 50000pcs   ¥ 4.60 /pc
20000pcs ~49999pcs   ¥ 4.65 /pc
3000pcs ~19999pcs   ¥ 4.71 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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cangnanxian longgangjinxinzhidaichang
Main Products: Non woven bags, PP film non-woven bags, lamination non woven bag, suit bag, gift bag, PE bag, garment bag, paper bags, handbags, all kinds of bags
Contacts: Miao Lai Yan
Mobile: 13757886816
E-mail: 764630366@qq.com
WeChat: 13757886816
Address: 1050, 辅房 Street, 1F, A9 Gate, Yiwu Production Material Market,Yiwu,China
Address: 10829, Street 5, Gate 25, 1st Floor, Second Floor, Yiwu International Trade City


Tip: in order to show the best side of the product to customers, they are all real pictures. The color of the picture is a little different. Please forgive me!!





  Longgang Jinxin bag making factory in Cangnan County is a professional non-woven bag (product) manufacturer with many years of history, mainly producing all kinds of non-woven bags, complex membrane woven bag, thermal transfer non-woven bags, high pressure film cloth bag, low pressure film cloth bag, strawberry bags, rose bag, coated non-woven fabric bag, calendaring nonwoven, non-woven bag, folding backpack, non-woven drawstring pouch, non-woven clothing bag cloth bag, cotton bag, folding non-woven bag, environmental protection bag, gift bag, non-woven fabric blanket bag, non-woven fabric quilt bag, travel bag, apron, hot stamping bag, oxford fabric bag, shopping bags, PVC bags, plastic cloth bag, file bags, ad bag various packaging bags and other series.
  Our factory integrates design, research and development and mass production, and takes innovation, impression and acumen as the concept, striving to create a new generation of environmental protection boutique! All products, no matter in design, material selection, production and packaging, are after-sales tracking and other aspects, strive to achieve perfect and noble taste. The product has novel style, complete colors, exquisite printing and fine workmanship,
it can be packaged according to customers' requirements. Domestic trade generally adopts 50 pieces/bundle, 800-1000 pieces/waterproof bag; Foreign trade generally adopts carton packaging, 100-200 pieces/box. Size, printing content, customized quantity, packaging requirements, etc. Please contact directly for details!


[Consultation] please inform the customer service staff of the product's style, quantity, specification, material category, printing content, manufacturing process, etc. so that we can quote accurately.
[Final] after receiving the quotation, please send the printed content to us. To ensure the accuracy of the image, it is better to have vector images such as CDP, AI, EPS, etc. The typesetting time takes 2-4 hours, for example, it takes a little longer to design special complex patterns.
[Payment] after both parties confirm the draft, please pay the purchase price to our store (Alipay offer guarantee transaction), and we will provide you with digital product samples for you to check, only after you confirm can we arrange the production of large goods.
[Production] enter production according to the buyer's confirmation draft and no longer accept any modifications from the customer. The delivery time varies depending on the quantity and process.
[Shipment] after the production is finished, express delivery or logistics will be sent according to the customer's requirements. Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui suggest to send express delivery (1-2 days delivery, door-to-door delivery), and logistics will be sent to other regions (3-10 days delivery, the goods arrive at the local area the cargo discharge point self-pickup).
[Receipt] If the outer packaging is damaged, resulting in damage to the product and inconsistent quantity, please refuse the visa and contact us for handling. We will not accept this kind of complaint after signing.
[Comment] after receiving the goods, please go to the "bought goods" to confirm the arrival in time. If you are satisfied with our goods and services, please give a five-star rating and give a positive comment. If you have any questions about the products you have received, please do not rush to give a moderate or negative review. Please be sure to contact us, and we will give you a satisfactory reply, failing to be perfect and perfect, please forgive me, we strive to do better.
[Flaw] This product is made by visual inspection + manual + machine, and cannot be perfect. Some printing color sets are not accurate, gluing is not good, color difference and other problems are normal phenomena, not quality problems, customers who cannot accept any flaws should be cautious to purchase.


  • 无纺布覆膜袋

    Non-woven fabric coated lei she dai


  • 无纺布覆膜袋

    non-woven laminated bag


  • 无纺布手提袋

    Non-woven bag


  • 无纺布平口袋

    The non-woven fabric flat


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