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New Generation Four-Layer 360 Degrees Rotating Jewelry Box Bedroom Makeup Mirror Jewelry Box Storage Box Cosmetics Box 中文版

New Generation Four-Layer 360 Degrees Rotating Jewelry Box Bedroom Makeup Mirror Jewelry Box Storage Box Cosmetics Box

New Generation Four-Layer 360 Degrees Rotating Jewelry Box Bedroom Makeup Mirror Jewelry Box Storage Box Cosmetics Box New Generation Four-Layer 360 Degrees Rotating Jewelry Box Bedroom Makeup Mirror Jewelry Box Storage Box Cosmetics Box New Generation Four-Layer 360 Degrees Rotating Jewelry Box Bedroom Makeup Mirror Jewelry Box Storage Box Cosmetics Box New Generation Four-Layer 360 Degrees Rotating Jewelry Box Bedroom Makeup Mirror Jewelry Box Storage Box Cosmetics Box
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  • Updated: 2023-05-04 09:13
EXW Price:
2pcs ~95pcs   CN ¥ 9.5 /pc
96pcs ~9599pcs   CN ¥ 8.8 /pc
Above 9600pcs   CN ¥ 7.8 /pc
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Product Parameters

name: rotating jewelry box (with mirror)

style: 360 rotation

total box weight: 21kg

box gauge: 65*43.5*44.5=0.126 square meters

specification: 96 pieces per box

weight: about 204g

color: mixed color, white, blue, pink, green

product Description



real shots




























1: please read the product description and related instructions carefully before ordering, after the buyer takes the order, it is deemed to agree to the price, characteristics and relevant information of the product. Due to the large number of customer service services, if the reply is a little slow, please understand, please wait patiently for the customer service's reply!

2: all items are OK according to the above minimum order quantity, the amount is not limited! Mixed Batch supported! Alipay transactions are supported! Direct bank remittance transactions are supported.

3: all our products are sold in stock, and the products shown on the page are available. Please feel free to buy them. Due to the large variety of products, the daily sales volume is relatively large, and some products are out of stock if they are not available or removed from the shelves. Please understand, we will contact you by phone or Wangwang message and help you deal with it in time.

2: color notice

for style and color problems, mixed models are sent by default when distributing goods. Customers with special requirements can note the style or color ( when shooting together, there is A note column to note, write the item number and style, for example: A: Red) we will try our best to distribute the goods according to the requirements, but it is inevitable that there will be mistakes. I hope we can be tolerant. Write a message note for large items. The color of small items will be sent randomly. We will try our best to deliver the items according to your remarks. If the color is missing, we can only send them randomly. Please forgive me!

Three: payment Notice

we recommend that you use Alipay for transactions. The payment is safe and convenient for future shopping. It is really inconvenient to accept bank remittance. Please take a photo of the product before remittance and note that bank remittance is required, it is convenient for us to deliver the goods to you in time after receiving the payment. After remittance, please contact us through Wangwang or mobile phone in time to find the payment and deliver the goods.

Rural Commercial Bank: 6230 9107 9902 6559792 account name: Tan Yan
bank of China: 6217 8562 0000 2662380 account name: Tan Yan
ICBC card number: 6212 2612 0800 2056461 account name: Tan Yan
ABC Card Number: 6228 4103 8047 0128514 account name: Tan Yan
postal Card No.: 6210 9833 8000 9678075 account name: Tan Yan
CCB Card Number: 6217 0014 6000 2839479 account name: Tan Yan, please inform us after typing, so as to arrange delivery for you. Thank you! Happy cooperation!



(Bank remittance customers please inform us after remittance so as to deliver the goods to you in time)

shipping instructions

shipping instructions

the company has two modes of transportation: Logistics (large or multiple) Express (small or urgent)

1: logistics most of the customers of our company are large wholesalers, and the packages of goods are basically heavy or the number of pieces is large. Considering the problem of transportation cost, outside Jiangsu, Zhejiang, and Shanghai for customers who order goods above 10 kilograms, our company suggests to send logistics; For small items below 10 kilograms, express delivery is recommended. (After you take the goods, the fee automatically generated by the system is the express fee. Please send the order number to the customer service staff of our company and explain it. They will modify the freight for you.

The freight standard and arrival time are as follows:

direct to the city costs about 15-30 yuan/box, and the arrival time is about 3-5 days.

The transit county-level city is about 20-40 yuan/box, and the arrival time is about 4-7 days.


A: because there is no accurate charging standard for logistics consignment, the charging standard provided by our company is for reference only.

B: please keep the phone open. When the goods arrive at the local area, the freight station will inform you to pick up the goods (our company does not charge your logistics fee, and you will be paid directly to the freight station when picking up the goods)

c: the arrival time and specific freight are determined according to the distance (Yiwu goods and goods are connected to the whole country, and the logistics system is quite developed. Provincial capital cities and prefecture-level cities all have online stores, and cities above the county level can arrive through transit)

2: express our company defaults to YTO delivery, and long-term cooperation has won lower Express fee and service quality than peers with more shipments than peers! The company charges customers strictly according to the Express price given by YTO. If there are outlets that cannot be delivered by YTO, the company will transfer to STO Express or other express (beyond the freight marked by the system, the customer service will explain to the customer)


signing instructions

when you receive the goods, check whether the outer packaging is intact and you can sign for it after confirming it is correct. If the package packaging is damaged during inspection, please contact our after-sales customer service in time. We will help you solve the claim problem with the courier company. Remember this point, remember! ( tips for signing: Some courier companies require to sign before checking the goods. You can sign it first, but don't give the signed express to the courier, and you can give it to him when the inspection is correct)

after-sales service

after receiving the goods, the quantity of the goods is missing or some items have quality problems. Please contact our after-sales customer service immediately (within 24 hours) and take photos and send them to the customer service for confirmation, our company will give you a satisfactory solution.



No matter you encounter service problems or product quality problems, please contact our customer service Wangwang customer service phone number in time. We will help you solve the problems proactively and objectively, and never evade any responsibilities, our company adheres to the principle of honesty first and all customers for business cooperation with friends, integrity and your comments are very important to us. Don't give negative comments on medium and medium products at will, which will not help both buyers and sellers! We hope to retain every customer and every friend who likes our company with our sincere service, I hope all customers can have a happy online shopping mood and experience every time in our company!

At the same time, we refuse to visit poor evaluation blackmailers. Our company will firmly resist the unexpected customers who use medium and poor reviews to threaten us to refund and send gifts!

Contact Information

fortune hotline:18058958681 manager Tan





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