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  • Zhejiang Zhaoxu metal products
    Main Products: National badge, medal, trophy, key buckle, award, personality, etc.
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  • Contacts: 李万杰
  • Mobile: 13868515578 15382490446
  • Mobile2: 13868515578
  • WeChat: 15382490446
  • Tel: 57981577550
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Shop No. 24177 B, Street3, Floor2, Gate No.55, Markets International Trade Mart (District 3).
Introduction: Pingyang County, Pingyang County metal products factory is a manufacturer of precious metal and base ... more

  • Introduction: Pingyang County, Pingyang County metal products factory is a manufacturer of precious metal and base metal products business scope covers badges, medals (currency), key chain, Medal, vanity plates, Tin badges, fridge magnets, beer, zinc alloy commemorative plates, all kinds of craftsmanship, culture-rich metal crafts and gifts. Product promotion United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and Hong Kong and other countries and regions. After years of unremitting efforts, the company with strong product design and manufacturing capability to win market competition. Companies with multiple sets of advanced hydraulic machines, stamping presses, die casting, plating, polishing, lacquer gift manufacturing equipment, has accumulated rich experience in the development, production, service and product quality in the domestic high-end level. "Efforts to create business value for partners" is our service tenet. We always in the first time the customer design ideas quickly into products, and shipped fast and customer service of a large number of well-known big gift consumption. Same price than quality: the same quality, we are more than service. Our mission is to create a gift transaction integrity brand, with grateful hearts every customer feedback. In recent years, new challenges, morning will continue to innovate and strengthen management to adapt to the different needs of the market, we always have the "quality, variety, excellent service" as the Tenet, "customer first, honesty first" welcome the tenets of each enterprise's trust. To provide customers with better products, better service, and to thank customers for their support and love. Our company warmly welcome people from all sectors to inquire. Main equipment: zinc alloy die-casting machine: 25T, 45T, 90T, 130T, 180T: hydraulic machines and punching machines: 200T, 300T, 500T, i000T company electroplating workshop: monochrome, color, there are more than 10 kinds of plating.
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