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    Main Products: Britannic children's socks industry: main children's socks cartoon printed socks PP even pantyhose baby socks jewelry gift socks female sports socks socks headscarf tattoo sleeve, etc. can accept OEM
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  • Contacts: Tang Huiqing
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Shop No. 32761 A, Street5, Floor1, Gate No.89, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4).
Introduction: British children's socks. Introduction 1. firm size: British children's hosiery knitting is a set de ... more

  • Introduction: British children's socks. Introduction 1. firm size: British children's hosiery knitting is a set design, development, processing, production, sale and service of a modern fashion hosiery knitted garments enterprises, specializing in the production and development of child PP pantyhose for a long time, children socks, baby socks, cartoon printed socks, ladies socks, boat socks. (Yiwu marketing) 2 honors: Chinese Ministry recommended "China well-known brand" series to create "business brand" 3. corporate history: the focus has been more than 10 years experience. Companies with accurate market positioning and professional development courses. 4. service guarantee: has a perfect orders shipped after sales system, all products brands direct supply 5. status: all new South-East Asia, Europe, South America, the Middle East and other countries and synchronous online. Reliance on sophisticated technology, sound equipment, strict management, good service, British children's socks in order to stabilize the product quality, has established a stable sales network in major cities nationwide, is using vast Internet resources increase the promotional efforts of the company, to provide customers with better, better and more convenient service, rangying boy brand enjoy popular support. Children baby socks, leggings, socks with floral patterns for children, woman socks, sports socks, and other products professional design-production-processing-marketing-services company as a whole, has a complete and scientific quality control system. British children's socks to integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life, domestic and foreign businessmen to visit and guide and negotiate business. http://www.ydt.yiwugou.com
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