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  • XInya Daily Necessities Firm

    Superior Suppliers

    Superior Suppliers of Foreign Trade

    Main Products: Storage box stool storage box box full leather leather benches Fangdeng, plush Fangdeng, plush bench, satin Fangdeng, satin cloth car bench, stool,
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  • Contacts: 石金山
  • Mobile: 86-13588696222
  • WeChat: 13588696222两个微信fxlsjs1314
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Store Address: Shop No. 35418 , Street 11, Floor 2, Gate No. 81, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4).

Factory Address: No. 21 Shangtang Road, Shangxi Industrial Park, Yiwu City, Zhejiang Province

Introduction: Direct selling in the factory house ... more

  • Introduction: Direct selling in the factory house
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