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  • Dada Daily Necessities Firm

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    Main Products: Floor mats, door mats, carpets, bathroom mats, bathroom kits, bathroom mats, kitchen mats, bedroom mats, porch mats, indoor mats, outdoor mats
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  • Contacts: Lin Zhongxi
  • Mobile: 18368636894
  • Mobile2: 15268694722
  • WeChat: 15268694722
  • Tel: 57985369003
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Shop No. 35081 , Street13, Floor2, Gate No.77, Markets International Trade Mart (District 4).
Introduction: Dada Daily Necessities Firm was founded in 1997. It is a tufted carpet manufacturing enterprise spec ... more

  • Introduction: Dada Daily Necessities Firm was founded in 1997. It is a tufted carpet manufacturing enterprise specialized in R & D, design, weaving and sales. The company has a production scale of 42,000 square meters, more than 300 employees, and an annual production capacity of 5 million square meters, with industry-leading productivity. Dada has always insisted on "China's first mat brand" as its own development direction and brand vision, with "quality is the life of Dada" as its management philosophy. Since the establishment of the brand, with its own rigorous craftsmanship and excellent quality, it has more than 50 national patented technologies and has reformed nearly ten industry production technologies. It has also won the recognition of all countries in the world, and has won the "China "High-quality products", international "confidence textiles" and other honorary titles. As a comprehensive manufacturer, Dada has a wide range of household products, including door mats, interior mats, bathroom mats and kitchen mats. The products are also loved by consumers at home and abroad. They are exported to Japan, South Korea, Germany, the United States, Australia and the Middle East and other countries, and are sold to the domestic market. At present, online e-commerce, offline supermarkets, and circulation are all sold.
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