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  • Playboy Towel Firm 12yr.
    Main Products: Towel,bath towel,hand towel,Golf Towels,hotel series
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  • Mobile: 86-18606893862
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Store Address: 42035A, 1st St, 3rd Floor, Gate 89, International Trade Mart (District 4)

Introduction: 花花公子毛巾主要产品涵盖面巾、浴巾、枕巾、方巾、童巾、毛巾被、浴衣浴袍等七大类,有提花、素色、彩条、割绒、缎档、绣花等200多个品种,1000多种花色,运用新技术重点开发了花花公子无捻提缎毛巾系列产品、竹纤维毛巾、超细纤维毛巾及宾馆毛巾、洗车美发毛巾、礼盒套装毛巾、毛巾四件套系列,花花公子毛巾纯棉缎... more

  • Introduction: 花花公子毛巾主要产品涵盖面巾、浴巾、枕巾、方巾、童巾、毛巾被、浴衣浴袍等七大类,有提花、素色、彩条、割绒、缎档、绣花等200多个品种,1000多种花色,运用新技术重点开发了花花公子无捻提缎毛巾系列产品、竹纤维毛巾、超细纤维毛巾及宾馆毛巾、洗车美发毛巾、礼盒套装毛巾、毛巾四件套系列,花花公子毛巾纯棉缎档提花毛巾、浴巾、方巾等以优异品质远销美国、中东、俄罗斯,日本及香港地区。
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