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  • DFY Porcelain

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    Main Products: Porcelain/Bone China/bone China tableware, coffee set, cup and saucer, tea set, water set, afternoon tea set, cup, western food plate, loose parts, seasoning pot, gift customization, etc
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  • Contacts: VIVIAN
  • Mobile: 13750979690
  • Mobile2: 18858983378
  • WeChat: 18858983378
  • Tel: 57985180632.
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Shop No. 65600 , Street12, Floor3, Gate No.106, Markets International Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: East fangying bone porcelain focus on the design and innovation of high-grade ceramics, in 2005 ente ... more

  • Introduction: East fangying bone porcelain focus on the design and innovation of high-grade ceramics, in 2005 entered yiwu, yiwu market is 13 years old shop! Thirteen years of precipitation, make dongfangying become the old brand in the hearts of customers at home and abroad! Thirteen years of hard work, dongfangying has become the high-end ceramic products in the hearts of customers at home and abroad. In 2019, dongfangying bone porcelain was selected into the \"yiwu good goods\" platform of mall group (China commodity city), and became the \"key supplier\" of yiwu good goods. In the same year, it became the brand authorized use unit of \"good word standard\" of good goods in yiwu, and became the exclusive high-grade restaurant porcelain preferred merchant in yiwu fair good goods exhibition area in 2019. Looking for high-grade ceramics, the first choice of the east fangying porcelain industry! Professional, dedicated, more trustworthy! East Fang Ying porcelain industry long-term spot supply all kinds of high-grade bone porcelain, bone China products, the main products include: bone porcelain, bone China tableware in west tableware, ceramic coffee set, bone China tea set, bone porcelain, bone China cups water dish, coffee cup, business cover cup, household cover cup, hotel hotel, soft outfit is tasted, zhejiang region customers to our company in yiwu warehouse on-site inspection or the lift! Welcome customers from home and abroad to visit our company!
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