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  • Yiwu City Nizi jewelry

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    Main Products: crystal rhinestones,nail rhinestones,strass,half pearls,round pearls,acrylic rhinestones,resin rhinestones
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Shop No. 70303 , Street8, Floor5, Gate No.99, Markets International Trade Mart (District 5).
Introduction: Yiwu Nizi Jewelry Co., Ltd. adheres to the basic guiding ideology of "winning by quality and honest ... more

  • Introduction: Yiwu Nizi Jewelry Co., Ltd. adheres to the basic guiding ideology of "winning by quality and honest service". It deeply cultivates in the field of rhinestones, delves into the various physical characteristics of rhinestones, selects raw materials, improves processes and updates equipment. Experts in the industry made a thorough analysis of the optical principle, mechanical structure, grinding and polishing process, coating method, temperature and acid resistance of rhinestones and solved them one by one. Now our company's rhinestones are ahead of similar domestic products in all aspects. Especially in terms of colorful brightness and resistance to welding and plating, the advantages are more obvious, and some aspects (such as temperature resistance) have even exceeded imported diamonds, which has improved the product quality to a higher level. Gilly has a variety of white Drill, colored diamond. Yiwu Nizi Jewelry Co., Ltd. actively explores the market, has multiple sales windows in China, customers throughout the country and overseas, and adheres to the principle of honest service. Our company attaches great importance to the commitment to customers, so it is deeply praised by various dealers and users of jewelry, clothing shoes and hats, belt watches and other manufacturers. High quality and low price are our characteristics. Through our efforts, we continuously provide customers with high cost-effective rhinestone products, so that customers can reduce costs and improve quality.
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