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Flat diamond ss6# special color 6 中文版|
Flat diamond ss6# special color 6 Flat diamond ss6# special color 6 Flat diamond ss6# special color 6
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  • Updated: 2020-02-10 15:36
  • About Product:[product use] mobile phone beauty, notebook beauty, car beauty and so on, general manicure use 2mm or 3mm small drill main, stick mobile phone with 2.8mm to 4mm main, Specific personal preference, big drill ornament, small drill seam! Price is the most basic wholesale Price, go is the volume. Our flats come in many sizes and we have a full range of colors. Under normal circumstances, The regular color is not out of stock. Please shoot in the corresponding specification and color of dear friends
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The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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[product size] ss3 diameter (1.3-1.4mm),ss4 diameter (1.5-1.6mm), ss5 diameter (1.7-1.8mm),

                        Ss6 diameter (1.9-2.0mm), ss8 diameter (2.3-2.4mm), ss10 diameter (2.7-2.8mm),

                        Ss12 diameter (3.0-3.2mm), ss16 diameter (3.8-4.0mm),ss20 diameter (4.6-4.8mm),

                        Ss30 diameter (6.4-6.6mm), ss34 diameter (7.2-7.4mm),

[product quantity] ss4-ss16 1440 PCS per package Ss20 each pack 1440 professional language 10 luo;

                      Ss30 each pack 288 professional language 2 luo; Ss34 each pack 144 professional language 2 luo.

                      Ss40 is packed in OPP bag with 144 PCS 2 luo each

【 product color 】 Bright red, orange, blue, lotus, lotus, violet, light red, lemon, yellow, dark red, blue and multicoloured

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