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SM-668R Blender milk shake maker 中文版| Report Item
SM-668R Blender milk shake maker SM-668R Blender milk shake maker SM-668R Blender milk shake maker
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  • Updated: 2016-05-23 14:51
  • About Product:SM-668R mixer
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"Name" soft ice cream powder
"full flavor"
flavor (milk), taro, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, melon, peach, Green Apple, water, peaches, Orange, mango, banana, pineapple, green tea, coconut, lemon, almond, red beans, sweet corn, lychee, chestnuts, guava. (Taste sometimes will appeared stock of situation, so please in purchased Qian Advisory taste of inventory situation)
"ingredients" sugar, and full fat milk, and breast clear protein powder, and planting fat late (grape powdered sugar breast clear powder vegetable oil), and food additives (edible pigment, and edible flavor, and melon, glue, and glutamic acid sodium, and emulsion Agent,);
"packaging" foil bags independent packaging

DIY 家庭制作方法

1 , joined in a clean container of drinking water (water if they like sorbet with milk without ice and cut, taste and smooth, it is recommended that any taste with milk), slowly pour cream powder during the mixing process, stir well. Milk and cream powder ratio:1:2.6-3(1000gpowder:2600g-3000gwater).

2 , uniform mixing of the slurry of ice cream stand at room temperature 15 minutes (standing at room temperature in order to prevent the ice), stirring during 2-3 time to enhance the effects, then frozen and refrigerated.

3 , and 40 minutes whisking 10 minutes (preferably with a spoon or whisk mixing and solidification agent's aim is to cream and stir together to form a delicious ice cream. ) And put it into the refrigerator freezer freeze40minutes, and then take out a dozen minutes and repeat3-4times, put three hours more or less, you can take it out to eat, eat to melt at room temperature for a while before. So, as long as not afraid of hard work and trouble, even without ice cream machine, endurance ofmmcan be made ultra tasty tempting ice cream, Oh)

4 , depending upon personal preferences joining the likes of ingredients, such as fruit, cloth

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