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Vehicle anti-skid chain Dichotomanthes nail anti-skid chain tire chain 中文版| Report Item
Vehicle anti-skid chain Dichotomanthes nail anti-skid chain tire chain Vehicle anti-skid chain Dichotomanthes nail anti-skid chain tire chain
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  • Updated: 2018-11-08 17:28
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. Senior automotive anti-skid chains using imported high-tech synthetic material, has the advantages of wear resistance, cold resistance, tear resistance, flexure, corrosion resistance, easy to preserve, light in weight, and features, easy to carry, simple connection, saving time and effort;

2. product design using net sheet structure best anti-skid performance, driving without bump without noise, once the accident damaged parts can replace a single, without causing the abandonment of the whole ;

3. antiskid steel nail made of super hard metal, through a special process, embedded in the chain sheet, will not fall off, the end is flat, no damage to the road surface, and improve the skid resistance;

4. products tightly around the tire, do not wear the tire and the road surface, and to protect the tire, prolong the service life of the tyre effect;

5. this product is not only practical, but also has beautiful decorative.

Q&amp [A]: common problems;

Q: anti-skid chain is a wheel or two wheels? Answer:
antiskid chain is paid, two wheels, mounted on the driving wheels. Generally a car can be loaded, of course, you can also buy 2.

asked: I need to use what types of chains?
answer: we are in accordance with the tire specifications to the classification, so could you please inform your tires. In the tire surface to indicate the model, similar to the 175/65R14.

Q: tire model is what mean? Answer:
numbers: the first number indicates that the tire width (mm), the second number represents the thickness (or tire width (height) divided by the percentage is third, than the flat) figure shows the hub diameter (inches) and other data for the anti-skid chain useless, such as the letter R stands for radial tire, H represents high speed, load and so on behalf of C.

Q: how long does it take you install anti-skid chains? Do you need to remove the tires? Answer:
installation instructions, general 5-10 minutes. Do not need to unload tire. Easy installation.

Q: what is chains? What is the use? Answer:
for snow, ice, mud, etc.. Juxingtianxia, safety first!

small door: some friends say how to pull the fastening ring so big, not good at drawing, hair dryer blowing a few minutes, a good stretch, cold weather not shenglayingzhuai so as not to break oh

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