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Dome Cap Guangdong electric kettle electric kettle small appliances 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2018-09-17 10:15
  • About Product:Steel lid 2 fast electric kettle
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High quality dome 1.8L stainless steel electric kettle

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  • Product description:

Brand hemisphere: ceramics, stainless steel, plastic, set of tableware, constant series of electric kettle


Rated power: 1500W
, nominal capacity: 1.8L


Stainless steel pot body, elegant and practical
stainless steel chassis with fever, rapid heating;
360 arbitrary rotation, easy;
auto power off after boiling water, triple ganshao protection;
unique mesh design, filter impurities in the water.

 1, stainless steel pot and base isolation design for 360 degree rotation

2, the vapor sensor control

3' unique quality thermostat

4' triple safety protection devices:

  • 1) boil the water cut off power supply automatically after2) water burning dry protected after power off3) thermal cut off power automatically



1, when using external rated voltage should be consistent with the rated voltage of the product shown, and be able to withstand the normal load for this product.
2, must be the power cord into an earthed power outlet.
3, the product has a boil dry cut off protection device, except for the extended service life, it is important to avoid water boil dry.
4, do not let children touch the appliance and the cord, to avoid burns, electric shock.
5, do not place the product near the fire, flammable items, electric oven.
6, will be the first to pour boiling water, you can start using this product.
7, proposes to add smaller than the maximum capacity of water, baby also has suggested, maximum capacity 2 liters, recommendation 1.8 liters of water, maximum capacity is 1.8 liters, we recommend 1.6 liters of water, the maximum capacity is 1.5-litre proposal put 1.4 litres of water, it's best not fill to prevent boiling the water will overflow.
8, in the North, users should regularly descale the kettle in hard water areas, use vinegar or salt water electrolysis (sodium hypochlorite) dip.
9, when the water boils, steam coming out of very high temperatures and should be avoided in your hands or other parts of the body touch the spout, the gap between pot and lid handle, in order to avoid burns.
10, injecting clean water should not exceed the maximum indicator lines prevail, so that when water boils, water is spilled, causing accidents.
11, never sticky foods (such as milk) into the kettle heats up.
12, make sure that the lid CAP is good, before they can start operations.
13 while working, kettle, do not leave, child touches should be avoided, in order to avoid accidents.
14, if the power cord is damaged, need special tool, please go to the service point specified by the manufacturer for a replacement.
15, when power applied to the kettle, water shall not file or.
16, when you stop using the mains plug should be set aside.
17, in horizontal position when using the cradle.
18, while the kettle is powered up, do not force adding water and avoid accidents.
19, the apparatus should be frequently cleaned, but not immersed in water or spray with water for cleaning.
Do not put hot top the 20, electrical, furnace or the like above or near.
21, electrical appliances disposal of not to close to the edge of desks, tables and the like, so as not to touch the left; when the suspension wires to prevent being touched or man; remember that the pot of hot water.
22, kettle and its base must be used together.
, do not use any metal or hard objects to clean the heating plate, otherwise it will cause scratching.
24, keep out sunlight or the fire Grill.
Method of application:

1, placement: placed in a flat on a solid support surface of this product.
2, water: remove Kettle from the base before filling, fill water height not below the minimum water level line, should not exceed the maximum water level line.
3. Place kettle on the power base is connected to the socket.
4 position, press the power switch, led light, water heater began to boil.
5, when the water boils the product automatically cut off power supply, led is off.
6, you can boil the water by hand at any time during power off.
7, after having cut off power supply automatically, you can turn on the power again, but must wait 15-20 seconds to cool the temperature sensors may only be opened again.

Cleaning and maintenance:

1, before cleaning, first disconnect the power plug, remove the kettle from the base unit and take out the filter, oil stains or soft detergent, wipe the outer surface to keep clean (avoid use of invasive and friction cleaners clean the appliance).
2, this product may not be immersed in water to clean, to avoid temperature controller and power plug of water erosion.
3, due to water quality impacts in the water heating process will naturally occurring calcium carbonate oxide accumulation. Must be implemented regularly descaling treatment.

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