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Sealing adhesive automobile supplies glue 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2018-08-11 09:57
  • About Product:Automobile sealant is a new kind of sealing material in modern Automobile engine maintenance. For example, it can solve the problem of car engine leakage, oil leakage and air leakage.
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The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
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Feisu Plastic Firm
Main Products: Glue, glue, sealant, AB glue, mice, FlyPaper
Contacts: Cai Jianjun
Mobile: 18967572688
WeChat: 18967572688
Address: 14936, 6 Street, 2F, 39 Gate, G2-International Trade Mart (District 2),Yiwu,China

After-sales service
1. Please contact us by phone, QQ, or Email if any problems occur during the purchase. We will discuss with you the problems encountered in shopping.
2. If the goods can be received on time within a week, we will immediately make inquiries after receiving the customer's inquiries and give the customer the most timely reply regarding the corresponding questions.
3. If there is any damage during the transportation, we will not bear any loss, but we can try our best to pack the products well, communicate with the freight and reduce the transportation loss to the minimum.
4. We deliver the goods timely, and we do not bear relevant responsibilities and compensation for the loss caused by the delay of delivery time of the freight company.
Shopping guidelines
Due to camera shooting and computer display, there may be color differences between the real object and the picture. If you have any color requirements, please contact us in advance. Otherwise it is considered acceptable to have small color variations that may occur. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Due to the large fluctuations of raw materials, together with the vicious price competition on the Internet, the price of each product of our company cannot be accurately displayed in front of customers. The price marked here is for reference only. Contact to recognize!

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