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Manufacturers supply a large number of wholesale flat shuttlecock shuttlecock feather shuttlecock spline 中文版| Report Item
Manufacturers supply a large number of wholesale flat shuttlecock shuttlecock feather shuttlecock spline Manufacturers supply a large number of wholesale flat shuttlecock shuttlecock feather shuttlecock spline Manufacturers supply a large number of wholesale flat shuttlecock shuttlecock feather shuttlecock spline
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  • Updated: 2018-04-20 12:37
  • Natural rubber pad iron feather base. Product Name: color flat shuttlecock packaging: a box of 6, 1 and 360. Feather size 12.5CM features: high elastic base, strong resistance to kick, flight stability, natural goose production
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Above 360pcs   ¥ 1.40 /pc
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Four species basic kicked method
(a)disc kicked:
with foot inside swap kicked shuttlecock, knee to outside Zhang, thigh to outside turned, slightly Shang pendulum, don't had big, hip and knee relax, shank up pendulum?  chatter κ bin pendant urgently Shen ⒘ Alpha l smacked cormorants grind ψ right words weary arms   buy ぁ?
generally not flexible right foot left foot, played Pong man, right foot to play one or two times, so, starting with his left foot, which is a kick with the left foot first, require vertical, caught right foot to play catch with their hands, more skilled, and kicks in a row. After continuous kick left foot instead of two-legged all play catch, all played catch twice, play three times each, and each played four times ... ... Catch, flexible and skilled will no longer pick up, kick, the more the better.

(B) theknock to play:
the shuttlecock with a swap legs knee knock (hit) style of play. Hips, knees relaxed, calf down, knee strength, shuttlecock Ke, thighs do not splay or deducted, kicking the shuttlecock is generally not more than Chin.
Practice method:
practice Shi, with hand throwing up not over Chin of shuttlecock, with knee knock up (hit up), then with hand catch, with disc kicked of practice method as, formed a knock a received, skilled Hou without hand throwing shuttlecock, instead disc kicked, formed a knock a disc, coordination Hou two knee swap, kicked of times more more more good.
(Three)turn kicked:
with two foot outside side swap kicked shuttlecock, thigh relax, shank punches to body Hou oblique above swing, hook foot pointed, kicked shuttlecock Shi thigh shall not pendulum to body Qian, shank to body Hou oblique above swing don't high, shuttlecock and foot outside side collide of blossoms between, kicked shuttlecock feet of inside away from ground General not crossed 30 cm, kicked up of shuttlecock height free.
practice, can be as good as playing, one playing a practice. In order to avoid making errors, practice, shuttlecock kicking foot side walls or trees, the body and the body width and about the same distance from the wall, if the shuttlecock kicking when it hits a wall or tree, it would be a mistake.
(D) thestretch play:
some places called "tension and sharp", with two toes three-toed parts swap shuttlecock, one foot shuttlecock is also available. Stretch kick of shuttlecock kicking the ground approached, shuttlecock being ankle with a stretch and it is called a stretch play. Its action is, thigh lift, and bodies of 150o--160o angle, leg swings forward, hip and knee joint to relax, ankle strength, moment to be kicking the shuttlecock, pointed out the three-toed foot jerked upward, shuttlecock back. Kicking the shuttlecock high and low can be, but you should avoid the highs and low, patterns of play to lay the Foundation for the future.
exercise can be used template kick kicks a practice, but when you start practicing to play low, generally does not exceed waist, lower is better, playing more often. In order to avoid making errors, practice-oriented wall or trees, about body width, as practiced shuttlecock kicking foot hit the wall or tree, it would be a mistake because the knee relaxed thigh lift too high.

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