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Manufacturer direct national flag woven bag peritoneal tote bag shopping bag 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2020-09-08 13:06
  • About Product:The material is woven bag and The specification is 45*35*25CM. It can be used in shopping of supermarket.
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The price for this item is to be negotiated. Please contact supplier for further information.
Free Shipping QTY: 5000pcs
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Zhong Wei custom bag
Main Products: Green bag, non-woven bag, shopping bag, gift bag, PP woven bag series.
Contacts: Xiang Caidi
Mobile: 18657935115
WeChat: sw571314
Address: 10365B, 3 Street, 1F, 23 Gate, F2-International Trade Mart (District 2),Yiwu,China
Address: Building 16, Qianku Avenue Industrial Zone, Qianku Town, Cangnan County, Wenzhou City

The material is woven bag and the specification is 45*35*25CM. It can be used in shopping of supermarket.

This product is available in 5000 PCS. Manufacturer direct sale all sorts of shopping bag, advertisement bag, suit is covered wait, can come to have something made to order.

 The above products are for display. If you want to make them, please contact first
We, please feel free to buy according to the price, otherwise we will not be responsible for any unnecessary consequences
~ ~ Note: due to the different bag specifications, material thickness, printing color and quantity, and the unstable price of fabric, our products cannot be priced online. The specific price depends on your requirements
~ ~ ~ Note: general orders have been set in 5000, the material: environmental protection non-woven cloth, non-woven bags, with its convenient to carry, stylish design, the characteristics of environmental protection, many countries are highly recommended for fashion product. Its inherent features of environmental protection has made a person fondle admiringly, June 1-08 plastic ban, non-woven supermarket shopping bag applies more widely... The environmental protection breath of vogue of non-woven cloth bag presents naturally in changeful space feeling, classic advertisement mark confluence gives pure and fresh fashionable sense of touch any occasion lets a person appear natural dazzling, the advertisement business that lets different savour can suit demand. 
Fabric: dozens of regular colors        
Process: multiple (produced according to customer requirements)
Printing: environment-friendly watermarking, screen printing, color printing, thermal transfer printing, composite nonwoven printing and other printing processes are available for customers to choose and translate         
Packing: depending on the size of the bag or according to your requirement, the bag can be printed with your company's logo, used for promoting your company's brand, and made according to your requirement.
Note: for customization, please report the size, such as :(width X height X side, etc.), printed pattern and typeface (color number), sample draft ~~ gram number ~~ quantity ~ etc 
What is non-woven fabric Non-woven fabric (also known as non-woven fabric) is composed of directional or random fibers and is a new generation of environmental protection material, featuring moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustible, easy to decompose, non-toxic and non-irritating, colorful, cheap and recyclable. For example, polypropylene (pp material) granule is used as raw material, which is produced through high temperature melting, spinning, layering and hot pressing coiling. It is called cloth for its appearance and some properties. Because it is a kind of fabric that does not need to be spun and woven, it just carries out directional or random string of textile staple or filament, forms fiber net structure, use mechanical, hot stick or chemical method to consolidate and become. It is not interwoven and woven from one yarn to another, but the fibers are bonded together directly through physical means, so when you get the glue in your clothes, you will find that you can't pull out a single thread. Nonwovens break through the traditional principles of textile, and have short technological process, production speed, high output, low cost, wide use, sources of raw materials and other characteristics  
The customer required       
(1) please carefully check the product size table and product description before photographing the product. Please consult customer service for the required specifications before photographing. In addition, the inventory will change at any time, please contact us before purchase and confirm whether the size you need is available.       
(2) quality of goods: all goods are produced independently. Before delivery, we have a special department to carry out strict quality inspection to ensure that there are no quality problems before delivery.       
(3) pictures of goods: the pictures are 100% in kind. However, due to the light and the display, there may be slight color difference in the pictures you see. This is inevitable. If you cannot accept the buyer please purchase carefully.       
(4) when the buyer receives the goods, when the delivery man is present, please check whether the goods in the package are in good condition and sign again. If the signature is completed, it means the goods are in good condition. If any damage is found in the package, please respond to the delivery man in time. Thank you for your cooperation.       (
5) for details of postage, please contact us.   
Transaction process          
Confirm the order buyer down 30% deposit (cash or transfer), if need version fee, the product should pay version fee first, check the sample, make the balance before delivery.  
The mode of transportation in other areas is logistics, and the buyer of the goods arrives at the logistics station to pick up the goods by himself (if the goods are delivered to the door, please contact the freight station or negotiate with the buyer to provide the transportation service  
1: please be sure to let me know via message or phone after payment 
2. Detailed delivery address 
3: contact phone number such as mobile phone, name of recipient, etc 
4: it is normal to delay the receipt of goods due to unknown address, telephone connection, remote delivery address and other reasons. The responsibility lies in the flow of third-party goods. We will actively coordinate for it 
5. Please inspect the goods on the spot upon receipt of the goods. If the goods are found to be damaged or lost in the outer packing, you have the right to ask the logistics company to produce the certificate Note: the price of products on the shelf is only for reference. (due to the instability of market material price and different process printing requirements, our factory fails to update the price in time. We hope you can understand, and we are interested in customization. Can be customized according to your requirements (such as size, printing, style, grams, printing patterns, etc.)?

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