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Handheld laser rangefinder range finder binoculars show distance power transportation golf special 中文版| Report Item
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  • Updated: 2013-12-29 09:51
  • Handheld laser rangefinder range finder binoculars show distance power transportation golf special
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Three generations of laser ranging telescope (hereinafter referred to as range finding binoculars), combines the features of ordinary binoculars and laser rangefinders, as well as observing objects in the mirror at the same time capable of measuring distances of objects within a certain distance and range time ( 0.02 seconds) and distance display intuitive, power consumption, power automatically when not in use.

Laser ranging telescope transmitting power is smaller, the eye-safe; no partner is required, but for any object ranging; small volume, light weight, makes it easy to carry machines used in section 3 v battery, replacement and new purchase and are very convenient. Automatic recognition of rain patterns, even if rain does not affect the distance; the Elimination of automatic effect of wires, tree branches, small targets at close range.

Range finder telescopes are widely used in sports such as golf, hunting, outdoors and erecting power poles distance measurement, can also be used in topographic survey.

Distance measurement range: 5-700M (actual 4-800 meter can measure it is fine)

Location: semiconductor laser range finder (harmless to the human eye)

Distance error: +/-1M,+/-0.1%

Distance measurement display mode: LCD display within view (shows directly, without conversion)

Effective aperture diameter: 25mm

Coating: multilayer coating

Magnification: 10 times

Overall dimensions: 110X75X40mm

Weight: 236g

Telescope is equipped with a Pocket, strap, cleaning glasses cloth, instructions in English, outside the box.

Warranty: Fei renwei damage free 12 months warranty!

To be invoiced, please provide units or company name and tax ID, plus a tax of 5 points!! Wangwang consulting

Instructions for use:

  1. Press the "ACTION/ON" the power button, turn on the power.
  2. Press the "MODE" mode key for about5seconds and switches select the distance unitmm ory-code system. With dynamic switching of data, that is, zero after a data, hold down the "mode" button, the switch unit (m and y) and transform data automatically and displayed in real time.
  3. By Xia "ACTION/ON" Executive key1times,can began ranging1times, right Shang corner has simulation incentive mechanism light launches of logo in cycle flashing, said is launches laser, measuring back of data displayed in are below, while displayed target reflection quality of high and low indicates, total points5level, from left to right by5Composed of small, small block, the smaller the reflects the strong, Miss show "----"4dashes, said the target was too far from zero. Data display will remain true until the next operation or until auto power off.
  4. Hold down the "ACTION/ON" implementation of the button does not release, you immediately begin scanning continuous range data measured continuously refresh the display, until the release so far.
  5. When the battery starts to run low, a battery symbol is displayed in the upper-left corner, battery should be replaced.
  6. In the main interface, power will do nothing for about30seconds after the automatic power off.
  7. If the telescope is not clear, can be adjusted by rotating the eyepiece focal length to change the definition.

Matters needing attention

1, do not attempt to open Finder, so as not to cause injury to you or damage to the instrument.

2, do not clean the glass surface with your hands, use the specialized wiping cloth to wipe the mirror. Outer surface with a soft cloth.

3, do not flip the batteries.

4, remove the battery when not in use for a long time.

5, when not in use should be kept in a dry place.

6, at temperatures of-20 ° c ~+40 ° c range

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