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New simulate flower four-leaved clover lawn grass ball grass straw simulate lawn wholesale 中文版|
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  • Updated: 2014-03-28 13:14
  • About Product:Product name: four-leaved clover lawn specifications: 25*25 40*60cm (500 g) grass height: 8 cm, applies to elevators, vacant land, walls etc. It is said that the four-leaved clover is lucky grass, the meaning of the flower is happiness, bring it home, maybe it will bring you happiness and good luck.
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Artificial turf maintenance

1. Cleaning and maintenace

? Using a vacuum cleaner to timely clean paper, shucks etc after game.

? Using a special brush to tease the grass seedling every two weeks, clean sundries like dirt and leaves on the lawn.

? Using special rake to level quartz sand or rubber monthly or after frequent games.

? Washing dust on the grass manully, or rain will wash it.

2. Removing the stains

? If the stain is aquiform like juice, milk, ice cream, blood,  you can scrub with suds first, then use clear water to wash away the suds thoroughly ; If necessary, use towel with high absorption to dry it.

? If the stain is  shoe polish, sunscreen, ball-point pen oil, you can use sponge with perchloroethylene to scrub and towel with high absorption to dry it.

? If paraffin, tar and bitumen, wipe with strength or use sponge with perchloroethylene to scrub.

? If nail polish, wipe with acetone.

? Oil paint, paint etc, wipe with turpentine or paint remover and scrub with detergent and water first, then wash away with cold water and sponge with perchloroethylene.

? Chewing gum, spray Freon first, and then clean the residual.

? Fungus or mildew, wipe with 1% hydrogen peroxide solution, then soak with water completely.

3. Check and repair

? Checking whether the suture is loose or not carefully, whether the bottom of whole sod is broken, torn, burned or not, if need large-scale repair, contact the paving company in time.

? The filler may be washed away due to the rain or daily clean, quartz sand and rubber particle can be used to fill up the sod. 

4. Prohibition items

? Smoking, setting off firework, welding;

? Litter chewing gum, peels, snacks, juice, oil etc;

? Car, motorcycle and some heavy objects enter into site;

? Use improper shoes or sport equipment like spiked shoes, javelin etc;

? Use chemical detergent, herbicide or insecticide.

Note: prohibiting place heavy things on the lawn for long time.

Prohibiting step on the lawn directly in snowy weather before cleaning the snow on the surface.


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