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15x350mm liquid fluorescent rod luminous stick light Toy 中文版
15x350mm liquid fluorescent rod luminous stick light Toy 15x350mm liquid fluorescent rod luminous stick light Toy 15x350mm liquid fluorescent rod luminous stick light Toy 15x350mm liquid fluorescent rod luminous stick light Toy
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  • Updated: 2018-01-10 08:56
  • Uses: concert, ballroom, banquet, birthday, party, wedding, party, holiday, celebration, picnic, camping, and other occasions due to chemical glow sticks belonging to, no heat and radiation, does not need the help of power, is especially suitable for diving, adventure, wild, high altitude rescue, and hazardous job environments.
EXW Price:
Above 5000pcs   ¥ 1.70 /pc
500pcs ~4999pcs   ¥ 1.75 /pc
10pcs ~499pcs   ¥ 2.50 /pc
Price above includes all cost to deliver in Yiwu only
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YiwuHengchunToys(LuminescentToys with Fluorescent Rods)
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specification:& Nbsp; 15x350mm fluorescent sticks

Color: red, yellow, blue, green and orange

10 root / tube 50 barrel / box Gross weight: 42KG

Note: fluorescent sticks are not scattered delivery,When shooting, please take 50 times to shoot, for example: 50,100,150,200 ... ... 500 .......

Usage: Fluorescent sticks are made of plastic pipes and glass tubes with different liquids. When used, the fluorescent sticks are gently bent, the glass tubes in the plastic pipe are broken, and the glass tube and the plastic tube The liquid is thoroughly mixed to achieve the best luminous effect.Hands forced to break the middle of the glass tube to make two of them mixed together after the light will continue to light gradually weakened]

2. Luminous time: light bar luminescence time is 8 hours to 24 hours.

3. Security: After professional testing, non-toxic, harmless, non-radioactive, non-flammable and explosive materials.

4. Transport and preservation: fluorescent sticks in the transport and preservation process, should avoid high temperature exposure and gravity impact or fall

5. Product color: the current color can be provided in red, yellow, blue, green, orange color, you can choose to buy.

6. Product use: concerts, ballrooms, birthdays, parties, weddings, banquets, parties, festivals, celebrations, picnic, outdoor camping and other occasions, lighting and decoration; due to fluorescent sticks are chemiluminescence, no high temperature and radioactive, Power or other energy, so it is particularly suitable for: diving, rescue, adventure, wild, high altitude and dangerous operations and other environments. A large number of bars, concerts, a variety of large-scale celebrations, people bring more exciting life. In the country at home a large number of light bar for a variety of festivals, such as Halloween, Carnival, Christmas. The national holidays, especially the National Day.





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